Baleh Hydroelectric Project​

  • Baleh is set to meet the anticipated strong growth in demand for electricity, especially in Samalaju Industrial Park.
  • It will be the largest HEP developed by Sarawak Energy, and will move Sarawak further towards its ambition of achieving high-income status through industrialisation by 2030.
  • In the year 2016, Sarawak Energy received formal approval from the Sarawak Government to proceed with the Baleh Hydroelectric Project (HEP).
  • Targeted for completion in 2027, this gigantic target will add an additional 1,285 MW of renewable electricity to the state grid.
  • The 188-metre-high concrete-faced rock-filled dam will be located on the Baleh River, about 95 km from its confluence with the Rajang River in the Kapit Division.

HEP HEIGHT WIDTH Target Year of Completion
Baleh 188m 562km2 2027

  • Baleh has a catchment area of 5,625 km2 and a reservoir of 588 km2. 

  • There is no resettlement involved in the development of the project.
  • Two of the eight construction packages are in progress. To date, Sarawak Energy has approved the award for five of the packages to local and international companies.
  • The benefits of construction phase are projected to create about 3,500 jobs.
  • Sarawak Energy is working with the Kapit community to ensure that the benefits from the expected boom accrue to the local population.
  • The local content will be about 40% of the total construction cost.
  • Participation from local contractors will result in management, technology, and knowledge transfer from our international contractors to build up local capacity and capability so they can prepare for future opportunities locally and abroad.
  • Sarawak Energy is sponsoring 500 young people from Kapit for technical training at local institutions to prepare them for the job opportunities. After completion of training, the 500 youths will be given the opportunity of a one-year internship with various companies. As part of our continued efforts in lighting up communities, Sarawak Energy has set aside a fund of RM100 million to construct a 33kV main distribution line to supply reliable electricity to the surrounding villages of Baleh.

Gas: Tanjung Kidurong CCGT

Using our gas resources efficiently and cleanly.

    • The Tanjung Kidurong Combine Cycle Power Plant project consists of 2 Block CCGT plant with total Gross Power Output of 842MW, located at the existing Tanjung Kidurong Power Station in Bintulu, Sarawak.
    • The Tanjung Kidurong Combined Cycle Power Plant project (Block 1 and Block 2) is a multi-shaft configuration with simple cycle and dual fuel operation capability
    • The power generated will be evacuated through a 275kV GIS substation and existing transmission line.
    • The Block 1 CCGT plant is expected to begin commercial operation in year 2020 and follow by Block 2 CCGT plant in year 2021.
    • The project will see General Electric (GE), a world leader in power generation solutions for utilities, take the lead as the Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractor with consortium partner Sinohydro, China’s leading power and infrastructure EPC contractor.
    • This project is also undertaken by local contractors as part of Sarawak Energy’s continued commitment to maximise local participation and content in all of our contracts.
    • The 842MW Tanjung Kidurong Combined Cycle Power Plant Plant, when completed, will be amongst the high-efficiency Combined Cycle power plants of the world, with the added benefit that the CCGT block is capable of being parked at a low load while in compliance with environmental requirements.
    • Tanjung Kidurong’s project benefits include:
      • To cater for the State’s demand for clean and sustainable energy.
      • New and advanced technology with lower fuel-consumption and environmental-friendly.
      • The gas volume allocated to the replacement units (existing open cycle plant) will be used to generate electricity at a higher efficiency, with an increase in power output.