To ensure the power is delivered to customers reliably and continuously, Sarawak Energy has invested significantly in transmission and distribution projects. 


This includes one of the most important state Grid infrastructure – the RM2.7 billion 500kV backbone to provide Sarawak with a second transmission grid. This massive state infrastructure was completed in 2017, stretching for over 500km from Similajau to Kuching Division. The second backbone has doubled capacity of the network and enhanced reliability particularly in the more densely populated southern region.

The new grid helps to transmit electricity supply from major generation power plants in northern Sarawak to load centres where SCORE customers are located as well as the densely populated southern cities of Kuching and Sibu.

The Northern Grid Expansion (by 2021) will mean that the State Grid will now span the whole length of Sarawak, connecting the last major towns of Limbang and Lawas. This will allow us to eliminate diesel generation and allow these areas to benefit from the hydropower development in Sarawak.


Sarawak Energy allocated an annual budget amounting to RM300 million to reinforce and strengthen the distribution system which transforms high voltage energy from the State Grid into medium and low voltage energy at substations before being distributed to individual customers.


Sarawak Energy’s customers are benefiting from technology innovations and digitalisation efforts to further enhance customer experience and to cater for diverse preferences at key touch-points