SEPRO (Sarawak Energy e-Procurement) FAQ

1. What is SEPRO (Sarawak Energy e-Procurement)?
is our new e-procurement solution powered by SAP Ariba. SAP Ariba is a software company that provides cloud-based procurement, spend management and supply chain services that enable vendors and buyers to connect and do business globally. The technology that SAP Ariba offers is designed to help companies negotiate better agreements with vendors and provide better visibility and control over spending.

2. Can the system be accessed remotely?
Yes, vendors can access the Supplier Portal as long as there is internet connection/access. Vendors can also access the system on supported browsers through their mobile devices.

3. How will the vendors be informed of any notification from Sarawak Energy?

Vendors will be informed via email from respective Sarawak Energy’s representative. Notifications include invitations for registration and sourcing events.

4. What if I forgot my password?

On the Ariba login page, click the “Having trouble logging in?” link (Forgot Username if you are working in Ariba Discovery).

  • Choose I forgot my username and click Continue.
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and click Submit.
  • You will receive an email that lists the exact format of the username associated with the email you entered.

5. My account was locked after multiple failed attempts to log in. What should I do?
On Ariba login page, a "Contact Ariba Support" will be visible when your account is locked.

  • Click on the link of "Contact Ariba Support"
  • Raise your issue and send it to the support team.
  • The support team will send you an email to reset your account

6. How to avoid the link to register from expiring? Right click on the link and click "copy link location" and paste the link to another internet browser. This will prevent the link from expiring.