VersaPi Programming Challenge 2024 Showcases Young Talent in Mukah

5 JULY 2024

SJKC Chung Hua Balingian emerged as the winner for the Robotic Programming Challenge 2024 (VersaPi) held recently at SK Sungai Duan, Mukah, organised by Sarawak Energy, in collaboration with the Mukah District Education Office (PPD).

Twenty primary schools across the Mukah division participated in the event, showcasing the creativity, technical skills, and teamwork of young students aged 9 to 12 years old. The competition saw students testing their programming and problem-solving skills through a series of robotic activities.

The challenges consisted of two parts: a showcase of innovation videos on capability and creativity of the participants and teachers in assembling the VersaPi Robot Kit; and the physical challenge of coding and track tasks such as ‘Bottle Knockdown’, and ‘360 Movement’ among others.

SK Sungai Duan took second place, while SK Mukah came in third. SK Datuk Awang Udin and SK Bukit Inkerbai finished fourth and fifth, respectively. The winners were awarded with cash prizes, trophies, medals and certificates.

In his opening address, Mohammad Shazwan bin Seun, representative of the Mukah PPD highlighted how initiatives like VersaPi are crucial in nurturing students' interest in STEM fields. “We are proud of all the participants and commend their hard work and ingenuity. This event is a testament to the potential of our students and the bright future ahead,” he said.

Sarawak Energy’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Services, Hajah Siti Aisah Adenan, emphasised the company's commitment to supporting educational programmes that inspire and equip youth with essential future skills. “Through initiatives such as the VersaPi challenge, we not only cultivate an interest in robotics and programming but also foster critical thinking and collaborative skills among students,” she said.

The Robotic Programming Challenge 2024 offered young minds a dynamic platform for hands-on learning and applying theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, with the collaboration between Sarawak Energy and Mukah PPD highlighting the importance of industry-education partnerships in enhancing educational outcomes and preparing students for the modern workforce.

Also present at the event were Ts. Mahmood bin Long, Sarawak Energy’s Senior Manager for Community Relations & Consultation; Daniel bin Sahari, Station Manager for Balingian Power Generation; representatives from PPD Mukah and other Sarawak Energy staff.

Winners and participants of the Robotic Programming Challenge 2024 (VersaPi)

Participants from primary schools in the Mukah division engage in the robotic programming challenge

The activities are designed to nurture programming skills from a young age, ensuring future generations are digitally well-equipped

VersaPi Robots executing track tasks after coding input by participants