Three More Cryptocurrency Mining Operations Caught Stealing Electricity In Miri

Miri has highest number of power theft cases linked to cryptocurrency mining in Sarawak

16 APRIL 2024

Sarawak Energy has uncovered three cryptocurrency mining operations in Miri utilising stolen electricity to power their activities, resulting in estimated monthly losses of RM30,000 for the utility company.

In a recent joint operation conducted by the police and Sarawak Energy's operations arm, Syarikat SESCO Berhad (SESCO), power theft activities were identified in shophouses and residential homes in Pujut and Jalan Miri-Bintulu. During the raids, SESCO's meter inspection team discovered direct tapping cables being used to bypass the meters and illicitly obtain electricity from the incoming mains.

More than 70 cryptocurrency mining servers and other electronic devices found on site have been seized as evidence in the ongoing investigation. The cases are being investigated under Section 33(5) of the Electricity Ordinance. Those found guilty face a maximum fine of RM200,000 and/or imprisonment for up to five years upon conviction.

This discovery follows the exposure of six power theft cases in Miri by SESCO and authorities earlier. Notably, over half of electricity theft cases linked to cryptocurrency mining in Sarawak were found in Miri alone. Out of the 260 cases uncovered in Sarawak since 2018, approximately 60% (156 cases) were discovered in Miri. These cases have resulted in a monthly loss of around RM4 million for Sarawak Energy. Individuals involved in these cases are currently being prosecuted, reflecting Sarawak Energy's commitment to clamp down on the issue of power theft.

Although Sarawak has one of the most competitive tariffs in the region, the high energy demand of cryptocurrency mining often drives operators to resort to electricity theft to lower costs. However, such operations commonly involve non-standard and unsafe wiring, posing risks of fire, damage to electrical appliances, loss of lives, and power supply disruptions to neighbouring properties.

Sarawak Energy remains committed to ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Utility and Telecommunication (MUT) and law enforcement agenciesto combat power theft, particularly in cases involving cryptocurrency mining, which has resulted in significant financial losses for the company. 

Additionally, Sarawak Energy cautions against service providers promising cheaper electricity bills, as SESCO’s technical teams are well-trained and equipped to detect various forms of electricity theft. 

Landlords should be careful when renting out their properties to protect themselves from potential unlawful activities by tenants. Electricity accounts should be registered under the tenant’s name to mitigate the risk of being implicated in electricity theft.

Individuals with information related to power theft are encouraged to contact Sarawak Energy through its customer care centre at 1300-88-3111 or by emailing All information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

SESCO's meter inspection team found direct tapping cables being used to steal electricity from the incoming mains.

Direct tapping cables are utilised to bypass the meter and stealing electricity from the mains to power the cryptocurrency mining operations.

Among the cryptocurrency mining servers found at one of the three places raided by SESCO and the police in Miri.

Over 70 cryptocurrency mining servers were found during the recent anti-power theft raids by SESCO and the police in Miri.

Cryptocurrency mining servers and other electronic devices found on site have been seized as evidence in the ongoing investigation.