Statement in Response to Baleh HEP Development Concerns

16 MARCH 2024

Sarawak Energy acknowledges the concerns currently surrounding the development of the Baleh Hydroelectric Project (HEP). As challenges are being addressed, members of the public are advised to avoid speculation and spreading of false news. Sarawak Energy will release further details in due course.

Sarawak Energy affirms that the well-being of the local community, as well as employees and workers engaged in the project, remains its top priority. In anticipation of potential changes in the project's course, the company is closely collaborating with the relevant stakeholders, including the Sarawak Labour Department and Sarawak Immigration Department to proactively manage the situation in line with its objectives to complete the project successfully and as scheduled by the end of the decade. Efforts are also underway to ensure a smooth transition for local workers, with a focus on maintaining employment continuity where possible. 

Sarawak Energy is prepared to address any potential community concerns and will provide support and guidance to navigate through any challenges. Sarawak Energy has in place a published public grievance mechanism site with guidelines to assist stakeholders to raise their concerns related to the Baleh Hydroelectric Project. The system was set up to ensure comments, feedback and grievances are addressed in a fair, transparent, and timely manner in line with Sarawak Energy’s international best practices. 

All concerns can be emailed to; or interested parties may contact the Baleh HEP Grievance Mechanism Administrators through the special helpline at +6019 882 8641, by visiting, or by visiting Baleh Information Centre at Sarawak Energy’s Kapit SESCO Regional Office to report any grievances.