Sarawak Energy Junior Badminton Championship Kuching Leg 2024 Showcases Emerging Talents


15 FEBRUARY 2024

The Sarawak Energy 2024 Junior Badminton Championship Kuching Leg recently concluded, drawing a turnout of 479 junior badminton players from across Sarawak. Hosted at the Sarawak Badminton Association Hall, the event provided a competitive platform for young talents to showcase their skills.

Organised annually, the Sarawak Energy Junior Badminton Championship aims to foster a passion for badminton and cultivate the development of young talents within the sport. This year's championship not only demonstrated the high level of interest among the youth in badminton but also highlighted the potential of emerging athletes within the state.

The tournament featured competitions across multiple categories, including Boys’ Singles, Girls’ Singles, Boys’ Doubles, and Girls’ Doubles, spanning age groups Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18, and Under 21. The matches were contested using a 21-points, best-of-three-games system.

In the Boys' Singles Under 12 category, Danice Tchin and Beldrick Anyum Anak Bayan from Sarawak Badminton Association (SBA) emerged as the champion and first runner-up, respectively. Ezra Liau and Yii Hao Bing jointly won the second runners-up position.

Rosella Tania was crowned champion in the Girls’ Singles Under 12 category, with Samantha Kong as the first runner-up. The second runners-up position was jointly won by Abbie Wong and Jollene Goh.

Athan Yang won the Boys’ Singles Under 14 category, with Larry Lau finishing as the first runner-up. Wyn Ong and Alexander Ku were joint second runners-up.

In the Girls' Singles Under 14 category, Brenda Jong was the champion, with Eunice Chong as the first runner-up and Maria Alexa Patrus and Qiez Nur Marsyiella as joint second runners-up.

Athan Yang and Noel Liew were crowned champions in the Boys’ Doubles Under 14 category, defeating first runners-up Azhad Nashran and Marcus Lee. Alexander Ku and Lo Kah Chieng, and Chong You Jia and Daniel Firdaus, finished as joint second runners-up.

Eunice Chong and Qiez Nur Marsyiella won the Girls' Doubles Under 14 category, with Aizalea Izzara and Maria Alexa Patrus as runners-up. Lydia Lau and Nor Natishya Arleeana, and Abbie Wong and Rosella Tania, were joint third-place finishers.

Jack Huong was the Boys' Singles Under 16 category winner, defeating Lee Zi Yang, with Adam Wong and Muhammad Amir Asyraaf as joint second runners-up.

Janice Tchin won the Girls’ Singles Under 16 category, defeating Wafa Shahmina, with Megan Tan and Shanice Tang as joint second runners-up.

Lee Zi Yang and Jack Huong were crowned Boys' Doubles Under 16 category champions, defeating Muhammad Amir Asyraaf and Richie Liew, who were first runners-up. Chong Yang Cheng and Mohammad Najib Haqimi, and Adam Wong and Hii Chiong Eik, were joint second runners-up.

In the Girls’ Doubles Under 16 category, champions Janice Tchin and Megan Tan were followed by second-place finishers Wafa Shahmina and Wendy Feebie Ricky, with Shanice Tang and Venice Goh, and Sally Vong and Avee Lee, as joint third-place finishers.

Eric Choo won the Boys’ Singles Under 18 category, with Chung Jia Ho as the first runner-up and Leacus Tang and Ho Sin Hong as joint second runners-up.

The Boys’ Doubles Under 18 category saw Alexander Lee Wei and Tan Han Fong as winners, defeating Ho Sin Hong and Muhammad Azam Fauzan, who were first runners-up. Alven Sia and Andy Ling, and Jovian Francis Pillai and Leacus Tang, were joint second runners-up.

Goh Shun Huat won the Boys' Singles Under 21 category, with Pui Wee Young in second place, and Ting Siang Yu and Felix Fong as joint second runners-up.

Kashley Kho was the Girls' Singles Under 21 category champion, with Sim Jia Min as the first runner-up and April Lee Tong and Ashreney Kho as joint second runners-up.

Pui Wee Young and Felix Fong won the Boys’ Doubles Under 21 category, with Darrell Ong and Raymond Law as first runners-up. Darrent Lim and Eric Choo, and Brendan Liu and Tan Han Fong, were joint second runners-up.

In the Girls’ Doubles Under 21 category, Kashley Kho and Sim Jia Min were the champions, April Lee and Nurin Izzah Qistina the first runners-up, and the pairs of Ashreney Kho with Julia Yek, and Hannah Toh with Sharon Vong, were joint second runners-up.

Sarawak Energy is committed to powering young badminton talents by providing an additional avenue to groom young shuttlers for future local, regional, and international competitions.

During the award ceremony, Sarawak Energy’s Senior Managers, Chou Yeng Khai and Jason Yeo, awarded nearly RM12,000 in cash prizes and medals to the winners.

Winners of the Sarawak Energy Junior Badminton Championship Kuching Leg 2024