Sarawak Energy to Test Flood Warning Stations in Batang Ai HEP


16 JANUARY 2023

Communities in the vicinity of the Batang Ai Hydroelectric Powerplant (HEP) are advised that Sarawak Energy is conducting its annual test of flood warning stations from 17 January (Tuesday) to 19 January 2023 (Thursday).

The flood warning stations, located in Lubok Antu, Engkilili, and SK Ng Delok, are part of the Sarawak government-owned energy developer and power utility’s emergency preparedness response programme in keeping with good international standards.

On Tuesday, 17 January, the Lubok Antu flood warning station is expected to commence its testing at approximately 10.00 am with a warning tone that includes both intermittent and continuous tones for a period of 1-2 minutes each time. The testing is expected to end at 3.00pm

The testing schedule for the Engkilili flood warning station is expected to begin at 10.00 am and would end at 3.00 pm with a similar warning tone to the Lubok Antu flood warning station.

The testing of the SK Nanga Delok flood warning station is scheduled to commence at 12.00 pm on Thursday, 19 January 2023.

Warning tones can be heard up to 3km distance from the respective stations. The alarm will be activated several times with no fixed number of times it will be activated, depending on the work or testing process.

Communities in the mentioned areas are advised that the time of the testing of the warning systems are further dependent on the situation at each site.

Sarawak Energy reminds the public not to be alarmed as this is a routine testing exercise, and to contact its 24-hour Customer Care Centre at 1-300-88-3111 if they have any queries.