Sarawak Energy Receives Gold Award at the 15th Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit & Awards 2023



Sarawak Energy's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives was recently recognised with a Gold Award at the 15th Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit & Awards 2023 in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Sarawak Energy – Malaysia’s largest renewable energy developer and Sarawak’s primary power utility received the Gold Award for its “Batang Ai Education Fund” initiative under the ‘Best Community Programme’ category.

Launched in 2018, the Batang Ai Education Fund aligns with Sarawak Energy's commitment to social investment, with a focus on improving educational opportunities and socio-economic prospects for young individuals in rural Sarawak, particularly in Batang Ai - the location of the state’s first hydropower project.

Since its inception, the fund has assisted 235 students from Batang Ai by providing them with a one-time incentive to kickstart their tertiary education journey.

Commenting on the award, Chief Executive Officer for SEB Power, Ir Bunyak Lunyong said, "Education is the cornerstone of sustainability, and at Sarawak Energy, we recognise the profound interconnection between education and a sustainable future. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends to fostering sustainable development by empowering rural youths through education.”

He emphasised that education is not only a fundamental right but also a powerful tool for addressing the complex challenges the world is facing today.

He added, "By supporting the education of rural youths, we are not only investing in their personal growth but also in the long-term sustainability of their communities and our planet."

Sarawak Energy Senior Vice President for Corporate Services, Hajah Siti Aisah Adenan, remarked, "Sarawak Energy is committed to supporting community development, entrepreneurship, and the education of rural youths through our social investment initiatives. We aim to invest and drive progress in the areas where we operate.

"Through strategic initiatives and investments, we strive to bridge educational disparities in rural areas, ensuring that every young individual has access to quality education. We understand that a well-rounded education equips these youths with the knowledge and skills needed to address pressing environmental, social, and economic issues."

In addition to the Batang Ai Education Fund, Sarawak Energy has also launched various educational initiatives and provided support to its adopted schools in Batang Ai since 2013.

Through the “Jalinan Mesra Peribumi” Programme, Sarawak Energy collaborated with the Sarawak Campus of the Teachers Education Institute and local District Education Offices to conduct educational workshops.

These workshops are thoughtfully crafted to empower schools in rural locations and extend beyond classroom instruction by incorporating motivational talks for both teachers and parents.

Over the past two years, this programme has benefitted about 450 students across 10 schools in Batang Ai.

The 15th Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit & Awards 2023, themed “Driving Transformational Change Beyond Greenwashing”, was organised at the Novotel Danang Premier Han River Hotel. The discussions at this year’s summit focused on transformative ESG & CSR strategies, current challenges as well as the need for climate-friendly solutions and technologies, including electric vehicles, high tech farming, sustainable supply chains, and nature-based solutions.

As a board member of the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei, Sarawak Energy is fully committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and infusing sustainability principles into every aspect of its operations. This commitment extends to its CSR community investment initiatives, designed to not only minimise adverse impacts of its operations but maximise positive outcomes for the community.

Chief Executive Officer for SEB Power, Ir Bunyak Lunyong (2nd left), receives the award, accompanied by Sarawak Energy’s Batang Ai Station Manager, David Gunda (1st left), and General Manager for Social Impact Management & CSR, Jiwari Abdullah (1st right).

Sarawak Energy won “Best Community Programme” at the 15th edition of the Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit & Awards 2023 in Da Nang, Vietnam.