Sarawak Energy Committed To Expedite Electrification Works At Beting Maro


6 APRIL 2023

Sarawak Energy is prioritising electrification works for facilities in Beting Maro that benefit the wider community.

Following the substation site handover to Sarawak Energy in December 2022, civil works on the new Beting Maro substation to provide supply to SK Kalok was completed in January 2023, with low-tension supply cables connecting to the new substation’s switchboard now being installed. A scheduled high-tension shutdown is slated to be held the second week of April in preparation of the commissioning of the new substation.

Business facilities such as the economic centre in Beting Maro and coconut collection centre in Kampung Spinang are also now connected with electricity supply, following the completion of meter installation.

Some facilities in the Beting Maro area are still undergoing wiring works by a third-party contractor and connection can only be safely established once the wiring jobs are complete. Sarawak Energy’s utility arm Syarikat SESCO Berhad is in contact with the contractor for the best way to expedite these wiring works.

Sarawak Energy Vice President for Distribution, Ngu Piew Choo said, “We are prioritising electrification of these facilities, and our team is working with the contractor to ensure the remaining works are expedited without compromising safety. We continue to invest significantly to reinforce the supply system to ensure reliable electricity is supplied to homes and businesses.”

Members of the public can contact Sarawak Energy through its Customer Care Centre at 1300-88-3111, or through the SEB Cares mobile app to obtain the latest updates on the connection works and to report outages to facilitate speedy and safe restoration.

The Sarawak Government, through the Ministry of Utility and Telecommunication and its implementing agency, Sarawak Energy, is committed to support Sarawak’s ambition of achieving full electrification by 2025; providing 24-hour reliable and affordable power supply across Sarawak with the most competitive electricity tariffs in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

The recently completed substation at Beting Maro to provide electricity supply to SK Kalok