Vandalism Cause of Electricity Supply Interruption at Sampadi and Rambungan, Lundu

Sarawak Energy Encourages Public to Immediately Report Any Suspicious Activities

22 APRIL 2022

Around 450 customers at Kampong Sampadi, Kampong Stoh, Kampong Rambungan, Kampong Sungai Cina and its surrounding areas in Lundu experienced a round the clock electricity supply interruption due to vandalised underground cables.

Sarawak Energy first received an outage report early morning on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 and immediately deployed its technical team to site. The team found vandalised 33kV underground cables on a bridge along Jalan Sampadi. Cable repair works commenced immediately and supply was successfully restored to all affected areas at 10.20pm that night.

A police report was lodged for investigation and the utility company is increasing patrols in the area.

Sarawak Energy’s Western Region Manager Choo Min Chong expressed his concern regarding recent cases of equipment theft and vandalism.

Recently, a man was electrocuted while trying to steal electric cables at one of Sarawak Energy’s transformers near Serian-Sri Aman Road.

“Vandals remain unhindered by the serious electrical hazards and are willing to risk their lives for small gains leading to tragic events such as the recent fatality. Being too close to live electrical facilities is extremely dangerous and stealing cables can result in flashovers or electrocution, burns and even death. These regretful incidents are tragic examples of how stealing cables is not worth the risk,” said Choo.

“We strongly advise the public to immediately report to Sarawak Energy when they see suspicious individuals near our electrical facilities. Their calls can minimise inconvenience to many customers and help curb vandalism activities,” he added.

In efforts to migitate vandalism, the utility company has increased night patrols and installed remote sensors to detect unauthorised entry at its facilities. Sarawak Energy is also spreading awareness through various media and working closely with the community in rural areas to raise public awareness on vandalism and its consequences.

Joint operations with the Police will also be carried out to check recycling centres for trades of stolen copper cables among second hand dealers.

The public can report suspicious activities to Sarawak Energy’s 24-hour Customer Care Centre at 1300-88-3111 or email Rest assured that all information obtained will be kept strictly confidential.

Vandalised cables along Jalan Sampadi which led to the outage at several areas in Sampadi and Rambungan Lundu.

Tools left behind by vandals found on site. Among those include hammer, plier, torchlight and more.