Strong Winds Damage Electricity Poles and Overhead Lines in Miri

Technical Team Mobilised and Work Round the Clock for Safe Restoration

13 JULY 2022

Customers in parts of Miri including Bakam, Bekenu, Beraya, Kuala Baram, Luak Bay, Lutong, Niah, Permy, Piasau, Pujut, Riam, Sg. Rait and Tukau experienced a prolonged electricity supply interruption when strong winds and heavy rain hit the region from 9 to 12 July 2022.

Sarawak Energy received numerous reports on the same day and immediately deployed all six technical teams to site. Electrical facilities, including overhead lines, were damaged by strong winds and fallen trees.

Sarawak Energy immediately commenced repair works to progressively restore supply.

Safe restoration efforts were hampered in some areas by the continuing adverse conditions. The Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA) or Malaysia Civil Defense Force (JPAM) had to assist with clearing the fallen trees first before works to restore electricity supply safely could proceed. Supply was restored via alternate sources while repair works were in progress. Mobile gensets were deployed to areas where connections and accessibility were possible.

Yusri Safri, Sarawak Energy’s Vice President for Distribution thanked the public for their patience and understanding in the midst of the challenges faced by the service crew.

“Thank you for the reports which we have received from our customers on our broken electrical facilities and supply outages since the start of the adverse weather conditions.”

“Safe restoration to our affected customers is our top priority with our team and contractors working round the clock to restore supply to the affected areas.”

“We have also mobilised all our gensets. While we strive to restore electricity supply in the shortest time possible, we want to make sure that our team does so in a safe manner as safety from electrical hazards is a major concern at this time,” explained Yusri.

“The current weather conditions pose a challenge in our efforts to restore supply safely and minimise interruption time. Our technical teams remain on full alert and are ready to be mobilised but due to the severity of the situation, we are still working to restore supply to the areas that are still affected first,” he said.

“To the members of the public, please stay safe and comply with all the safety precautions. Always assume every fallen power line or electrical pole is energised. Stay away from the fallen poles or lines and alert Sarawak Energy immediately for assistance,” Yusri cautioned.

Members of the public are reminded to be cautious of the dangers of damaged electrical facilities from the recent stormy weather conditions as strong winds can cause electricity poles to break or fall. They must stay clear of fallen power lines as these may still be energised or live, posing a safety hazard.

The technical team is ready to assist and can be alerted anytime by calling 1300-88-3111 or making a report through the SEB cares mobile application.

Strong winds and fallen trees damaging electrical lines and poles in parts of Miri

Sarawak Energy had to seek assistance from The Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) or Malaysia Civil Defense Force (JPAM) to clear fallen trees on its electrical lines before commencing repair works

Sarawak Energy mobilising its genset to provide temporary supply