Sarawak Energy on Safety Precautions During GE15

Steps Up Efforts to Reinforce Supply Reliability for Smooth Election


Sarawak Energy has activated its preparedness framework for the coming 15th General Election in support of a safe and smooth election.

This includes mobilising its resources with additional technical personnel on standby especially during polling, increased patrolling of supply lines and conducting preventive maintenance of its facilities.

A dedicated team and hotline have been set up to provide better coordination for a quicker response and restoration on supply reliability issues over the election period. Sarawak Energy has had meetings with the Election Commission and relevant departments for feedback on the electricity supply needs at the various nomination, voting, tallying and other critical centres for contingency actions where required.

In addition, Sarawak Energy reminds all election workers and involved parties not to hang or display campaign materials on any of its assets like transmission towers, electrical poles, overhead supply lines and substations. Sarawak Energy will remove these banners and buntings without prior notice if the situation is found to be unsafe.

Lau Kim Swee, Chief Executive Officer for SESCO, the utility arm of Sarawak Energy said, “There have been cases of this happening during past elections where campaign materials were hung on our electrical poles and overhead lines which is both dangerous and cause outages.

“These facilities are energised with high voltages and no one should be near to any of our electrical installations to avoid getting electrocuted or hurt by electrical flashovers. Safety should be everyone’s top priority and Sarawak Energy prohibits usage of its assets to display election campaign materials or political party colours.

Electrical flashovers occur when electricity ‘jumps’ without direct contact with power lines or conductors and can result in serious burns or tragic loss of lives.”

Lau said Sarawak Energy has also issued notices to all political parties regarding this so they can remind their respective campaign teams to keep safe.

Reports and enquiries can be channelled to Sarawak Energy’s 24-hour Customer Careline at 1300-88-3111 or through the SEB Cares Mobile App.