Sarawak Energy Launches Smart Metering Replacement Programme

Smart meters to replace conventional meters in phases throughout Sarawak for enhanced customers’ experience


24 OCTOBER 2022

As part of its ambition to become a digital utility, Sarawak Energy will be replacing conventional meters with smart meters equipped with advanced metering features to enhance customer experience and provide prompt billing services based on real time consumption. The transition programme will be implemented in phases throughout Sarawak, focusing on high density areas first, at no additional cost to customers.

Following the success of its pilot programme in 2019, Sarawak Energy is ramping up the installation of smart meters for Kuching in 2022. This will be extended to other parts of the state by 2024. The transition to the smart metering system is expected to be done in phases right up till 2029, considering external factors such as global availability of smart meters and speed of delivery. To date, Sarawak Energy’s utility arm, Syarikat SESCO Berhad, has installed 9,000 smart meters in Kuching.

A smart metering system means accurate and timely billing, removing the need for actual physical readings to generate bills. Advanced features will also be made available in the future such as real time tracking and recording by the customer of their electricity usage to support more energy efficient habits. The system also allows for effective surveillance and immediate alerts on supply interruptions triggering speedy restoration response. For customers with existing meters, replacement to smart meters is free of charge.

The campaign for the roll out was launched today by Datuk Haji Julaihi Haji Narawi, Minister for Utility and Telecommunication Sarawak. He was accompanied by Datuk Dr Haji Abdul Rahman Junaidi, Deputy Minister for Utility and Telecommunication (Utility) Sarawak; Datuk Liwan Lagang, Deputy Minister for Utility and Telecommunication (Telecommunication) and Syed Mohamad Fauzi Shahab, Acting Permanent Secretary for Utility and Telecommunication Ministry Sarawak. Also present was Kho Teck Wan, representative from Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan (MBKS).

Representing Sarawak Energy were Datu Haji Sharbini Suhaili, Group Chief Executive Officer; Lau Kim Swee, Chief Executive Officer for SESCO, Ng Shou Fui, Vice President for Retail, Yusri Safri, Vice President for Distribution and Ngu Piew Choo, General Manager for Asset Management.

Commenting on the initiative, Julaihi said the roll out of the smart metering system for Sarawak was timely and complements the State’s digitalisation agenda.

“Under the Post COVID-19 Development Strategy one of the catalytic initiatives is having a Smart Meter System. Now we are modernising our power and utility systems with digital technologies boosting efficiencies and providing a responsive service delivery, bringing together digitalisation and sustainability. Our generation mix is already predominantly renewable hydropower and has benefited us in terms of our socio-economic growth as well as allowing Sarawakians to enjoy the lowest average unsubsidised tariffs in Malaysia and the region.

“The utilities under my Ministry are committed to continuously improve their services to the people of Sarawak. I am pleased that Sarawak Energy is rolling out this initiative for Sarawak to enhance customers’ experience and modernise our electricity retail system, reflecting the modernisation, development, and progress of the state,” said Julaihi.

The state-owned utility and energy developer is strategically digitalising its operations and power utility ecosystem, in line with the Sarawak Government’s Digital Economy Strategy, under the Smart City concept to improve citizens’ quality and standard of living by leveraging on technology.

Sharbini said, “The Smart Meter initiative is a step forward in achieving quality service excellence for our utility sector. With a current customer base of over 750,000, we will need to implement this initiative in phases across the state. We first launched a pilot project at Kampung Gita here in Kuching in 2019 and following its success, we are now progressing the transition from conventional meters to smart meters. The smart metering system also supports our smart grid initiative.

“We also encourage all to sign up for our e-billing service so customers will have their bills emailed to them directly as we are gradually phasing out physical bills as part of our digitalisation and environmental sustainability efforts.” Almost 350,000 of Sarawak Energy’s 750,000 account holders have signed up for the convenience of SEB cares and online billing.

To register, customers are required to provide their name, registered contract account number with Sarawak Energy, e-mail address and mobile phone number. Customers can call 1-300-88-3111 or email

to register for the service. Alternatively, they can perform self-registration via the ‘SEB cares’ mobile application (available in App Store and Google Play) or website at

Unveiling gimmick by Datuk Haji Julaihi Haji Narawi at the launching of Sarawak Energy Smart Metering Replacement Programme

Datuk Haji Julaihi Haji Narawi officially signing the launching of Sarawak Energy Smart Metering Replacement Programme

Datuk Haji Julaihi Haji Narawi addressing the media at the Smart Metering Replacement Programme press conference session