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Sarawak Energy Customers To Continue Receiving Electricity Bill Discounts From July To December 2022

Bill adjustments for July and August discounts ongoing, to be reflected in October



Following the announcement of the “Bantuan Khas Sarawakku Sayang (BKSS) 9.0” by the Premier of Sarawak on 29 August 2022, Sarawak Energy’s customers will continue to receive bill discounts for electricity consumption from July to December 2022.

Electricity customers in Sarawak already enjoy the lowest tariffs in Malaysia and the region. The discounts will further lower the monthly power bills for customers throughout Sarawak for the whole year.

Under the BKSS 9.0, around 685,000 of Sarawak Energy’s customers from the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors will receive a five to twenty-five percent discount on their electricity bills for the second half year of 2022. The initiative will cost the State Government approximately RM201.76 million.

Customers of Sarawak Energy are requested to take note that the July and August discounts will be reflected in the October electricity bill. This will allow Sarawak Energy’s Retail task force to make the necessary billing adjustments and recalculations so the customers can receive their discounts for July and August accurately and accordingly. The discount for September electricity consumption will be reflected in September electricity bill.

Customers receiving estimated bills are encouraged to contact the electricity provider for adjustments so that they can enjoy the discounts fully. They are required to provide supporting documents such as photos of the estimated bill and actual meter readings. Applications can be done by sending the documents to Sarawak Energy’s Customer Care Centre at or through the virtual agent CARINA. Customers can also submit their applications through ‘SEB cares’ mobile application under the ‘Make a Report’ function.

Upon receiving the applications, Sarawak Energy will adjust the billing amount so that the discount is reflected based on the actual electricity consumed.

Customers may find out more by calling 1300-88-3111 to speak to Sarawak Energy’s customer care representatives.