Baleh Skills Training Programme Produces First Batch of Occupational Safety and Health Diploma Holders

22 AUGUST 2022

Fifteen young people from Kapit successfully completed their course in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and were awarded diplomas at a convocation ceremony at Fajar International College in Miri recently.

Funded under Sarawak Energy’s Baleh Skills Training Programme, this group is from the first batch of 20 graduated in the OSH diploma course this year with the remaining five expected to complete their studies in November.

The Baleh Skills Training Programme was introduced in 2016 to enhance opportunities for residents of Baleh and Kapit to tap into business and employment as a result of the development of the Baleh Hydroelectric project.

One outstanding student, Sharyon anak Beraoh, made it to the Dean’s list.

“I am very proud to have made the Dean’s list. Coming from Sarawak’s interior and making it to college has inspired me to think differently with a new perspective and hope for the future. I have passed this important hurdle in my life, and I am ready for the next challenge," she said.

Course mate Bagio anak Andrew said, “I am very thankful for this learning opportunity under the Baleh Skills Training Programme. Thank you, Sarawak Energy, for supporting my education journey.”

The initiative targets to equip youth in Baleh and Kapit areas with the necessary skills to enable them to benefit from Baleh HEP through a structured competency development programme. To date, a total of 708 youths had undergone and completed their training in various areas such as welding technology, occupational safety and health, entrepreneurship, human resource management, heavy vehicle drivers, painting, metal blasting, abseiling, and rigging and slinging fields.

Hajah Siti Aisah Adenan, Sarawak Energy Senior Vice President for Corporate Services congratulated the students for their achievement.

“This will certainly open doors to many more learning and development as well as enhanced employment opportunities. Sarawak Energy is pleased to have played a part in supporting their academic and skill development through the Baleh Skills Training Programme,” she said.

“Our main aim for establishing this programme was to ensure younger members of the community benefit from the project in the short to long term. Through this, they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to secure employment following the development that is shaping in Kapit and Baleh especially with the building of the Baleh Hydroelectric Project,” she said.

She said that support programmes such as this was also in line with the Sarawak Government’s goal of capacity building in creating a diverse and capable Sarawakian workforce.

“Sarawak Energy believes that one of the most important ways of giving back is by supporting the educational needs of Sarawak’s young and we place a great emphasis in areas where we have projects and operations. To benefit young people across Sarawak, we also have an annual scholarship programme as well as educational initiatives through which we allocate RM8.8 million,” she said.

Jiwari Abdullah, Sarawak Energy General Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility said, “We have also implemented Education Enhancement Initiatives for communities where our projects are located as good corporate neighbours. One significant initiative is the Education Fund, which provides educational incentives for communities within our hydropower developments in Batang Ai, Murum, Baleh and Bakun through a revolving fund of RM200,000 for each community.”

The graduates at the Convocation Ceremony

A photo of the graduates with Sarawak Energy’s Community Relations and Consultation Manager, Augustine Supen Taja

Graduates Sharyon and Bagio are among the 15 youth who are now diploma holders in the field of OSH.