Two Arrested For Suspected Cable Theft In Bintulu

14 FEBRUARY 2021

Stealing cables at electrical facilities endangers lives by causing flashovers or electrocution, burns and even fatalities. The crime can also cause unnecessary supply interruption to the surrounding areas with incidents of damaged cables causing voltage instability, damaging customers’ electrical appliances.

As a result of increased surveillance in order to curb cable thefts, Sarawak Energy's Auxiliary Police (AP) Response Team have apprehended ten suspects from six cable theft cases in Kuching since 2019.

In the most recent incident, two men were apprehended for suspected cable theft at a substation in Bintulu.

The duo, aged 36 and 41, were detected on the video surveillance system and were apprehended within the premises.

The Auxiliary Police team, together with the Police, seized tools to cut the cables including two hand saws, one chain block and a car believed to belong to the suspects.

Sarawak Energy has lodged a police report on the incident and handed over the suspects and the seized items to the police for further action.

Following this recent arrest, Sarawak Energy will continue to take further mitigation measures to harden the targets by reinforcing security measures at all premises.

Sarawak Energy will continue to work closely with the police and increase public awareness on vandalism and cable theft.

Members of the public with information on suspicious activities near power facilities are advised to contact Sarawak Energy’s 24-hour Customer Care Centre at 1300-88-3111 or email, or immediately call the nearest police station. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

The two suspects apprehended at the scene