Transmission Line Works Progressing Well To Connect New Kanowit 132/33/11kv Substation For Better Reliability Of Supply

12 AUGUST 2021

The new Kanowit 132/33/11kV substation is nearing completion to connect Kanowit to the main electricity grid through the existing Kemantan-Song/Kapit 132KV Transmission lines which will reinforce the distribution network in the area and improve reliability of supply.

Prior to commissioning of the new substation, transmission line connection works from the Kemantan-Song/Kapit lines of the electricity grid will require a scheduled shutdown of one line from 14 August to 21 August 2021.

While electricity supply is expected to be unaffected during the duration of the connection works, communication services (Sacofa) for Kapit and Song will be disrupted for around 8 hours on 15 August 2021. Communication services that remains available are TM Fixed Lines and Unifi Mobile.

Currently, Kanowit and its surrounding areas are supplied via two circuits of 33KV overhead supply lines that runs at a distance of about 35KM from Sibu Airport 33/11KV Substation making these long supply lines susceptible to interference and faults.

The Kanowit substation funded under the Projek Rakyat Sarawak is one of the key projects to increase the rural electrification coverage under the Rural Electrification Scheme and caters to the demand load for Kanowit District. The new RM54 mil substation will also serve as a new injection point that will significantly improve the supply network for Kanowit and the surrounding rural areas.

All necessary preparations have been taken to ensure safe completion of works in the shortest time possible. In the event of bad weather, works may be postponed for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, the technical team will be monitoring the performance of the supply lines especially to critical facilities like clinics and Covid-19 vaccine storage centres. The team equipped with mobile gensets will be placed on standby for fast recovery should a power interruption occurs.

Sarawak Energy apologises for any inconvenience caused in our ongoing efforts to modernise Sarawak’s power system and provide reliable electricity supply for the people.

Members of the public can contact Sarawak Energy Customer Care Centre at 1300-88-3111, or utilise Sarawak Energy mobile app SEBcares to obtain the latest updates of the connection works and to report outages to assist in speedy restoration of electricity supply.

Kanowit 132/33KV Substation

Kanowit 33/11KV Substation