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Stadium Internal Wiring Fault Cause of Supply Interruption Affecting Covid-19 Vaccination Centre at Stadium Perpaduan Kuching

14 JUNE 2021

The supply interruption affecting the COVID-19 Vaccination Centre located at Stadium Perpaduan Kuching earlier today was caused by an internal wiring fault at one of the sub circuits at the stadium’s foyer.

This was rectified by the stadium’s technicians and supply was safely restored.

Sarawak Energy recommends that all wiring extensions required to accommodate the COVID-19 vaccination centre’s operation is done following electrical safety standards. This is to avoid any electrical safety hazards and unnecessary trippings.

Sarawak Energy remains on high alert for quick restoration in the event of any system supply interruptions, and will provide any necessary support to the authorities handling the roll out of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme in Sarawak.

The company remains in close communication with the Ministry of Health (MoH) regarding the need to ensure reliable electricity supply for cold storage of the vaccines at 60 health facilities throughout Sarawak.

Most facilities are equipped with backup generator sets and for the ones without, technical teams are placed on 24-hour standby for deployment of technical support and quick restoration in the event of a supply interruption. Technical support coordination at the various regions will be handled by the respective Regional Managers.