Sarawak Energy Safety Reminder - Home Electrical Wiring Works

6 JULY 2021

Sarawak Energy extends its deepest sympathies to the family of the victim of the recent electrocution incident at a village at Melugu Scheme in Sri Aman. The incident related to home electrical wiring works and service line has tragically claimed the life of a man.

The incident demonstrates how dangerous the practice of improper connection of supply can be. An internal investigation into the incident has been launched while a preliminary report has been made.

Homeowners are reminded to engage only registered electrical installation contractors who are certified and competent to safely carry out internal wiring and other electrical works. By doing so, homeowners and their families are assured that the works have been done safely.

Sarawak Energy continues to caution homeowners against risking their lives with illegal wiring extension works as this is against the law and is extremely dangerous.

Sarawak Energy remains committed to building public awareness of electrical safety by running campaigns and highlighting incidents such as these. The operations team have also reached out to the village headman regarding the dangers of illegal extensions, emphasising that all service lines are highly energised and are not to be touched.

Extreme caution must be practised at all times when conducting electrical wiring jobs or working close by any electrical installations, especially high voltage powerlines and substations to avoid getting electrocuted or hurt by electrical flash-overs. Electrical flash-overs occur when electricity ‘jumps’ without direct contact with power lines or conductors and can result in serious burns or tragic loss of lives.

Safety should be everyone’s top priority and Sarawak Energy urges all to comply and adhere to electrical safety rules and guidelines to prevent such tragic incidents from recuring.

The list of registered electrical installation contractors is available on both the Ministry of Utilities Sarawak website and Sarawak Energy corporate website

Members of the public can also contact Sarawak Energy’s 24/7 Customer Care Center at 1-300-88-3111 or email at if they have any doubts. Reports of any concerns relating to electrical facilities such as service lines can also be logged into SEB cares, Sarawak Energy’s mobile app.