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Sarawak Energy Complies With Strict Procedures For Power Theft Cases


2 OCTOBER 2021

Sarawak Energy has an established internal process when dealing with meter tampering cases.

Utility arm, Syarikat SESCO Berhad (SESCO), implements this stringent and systematic procedure to ensure that all evidence is collected, examined and preserved in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Ordinance.

The meter inspection teams are well trained and follow the established Standard Operating Procedures in performing meter inspection and securing evidence. In addition, the teams are also equipped with tools to detect different methods of electricity theft and work closely with the Ministry of Utilities Sarawak and the police to curb this dangerous crime.

SESCO has also put in place an appeal process if the customer disagrees with the findings on the meter inspection. Although there is no discount policy for meter tampering cases, the customers can approach any SESCO office to submit their appeals to Arrears Appeal Committee by presenting any documentation or evidence to support their appeal to the interview panel if they have valid ground to do so.

All cases will be assessed thoroughly to ensure fair final determination of the arrears with the outcome to be notified to the customers. Where customers are dissatisfied and aggrieved with the outcome, their next recourse is to pursue court action.

The arrears after an investigation on a meter tampering case, will be calculated based on the account holder’s consumption record and history, technical evidence and other relevant evidence.

While Sarawak Energy appreciates the cooperation of customers who pay their arrears according to the stipulated deadline in their arrears bills, those who have difficulty in paying the amount in one lump sum can request for instalment-based payment plans subject to relevant terms and conditions.

Sarawak Energy remains committed to curbing electricity theft as stealing electricity is a criminal offence and a dangerous act. Unsafe non-standard wirings and illegal connections used to tamper the wiring to bypass the meter pose an extreme safety risk to the public. It can cause electrocution, fire and even death. They can also damage electrical appliances and cause localised power interruptions.

Recently, a domestic customer residing at Jalan Song, Kuching was charged with arrears of around RM45,000 for meter tampering. The evidence showed that the customer had repeatedly tampered with the electricity meter since 2011 and the meter had been replaced thrice.

In 2021, Sarawak Energy has recorded electricity theft losses amounting to RM81 million. To recover the loss of revenue, the customers found stealing electricity will be issued with arrears bills under Section 33A of the Electricity Ordinance (Cap 50) – Right to Recover Loss of Revenue. Sarawak Energy also wishes to remind the public that electricity theft is a criminal offence which carries a penalty, a fine of RM100,000.00 or 5 years imprisonment or both if found guilty.

For queries related to arrears , please contact Sarawak Energy’s customer care centre at 1300-88-3111 or email at Customers may also reach Sarawak Energy via its very own mobile application “SEB cares” which can be downloaded via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.