Sarawak Energy Collaboration with Ministry of Utilities and Police Shows Success in Curbing Electricity Theft

Stolen Electricity Powering Cryptocurrency Mining Activities at Jalan Matang, Kuching

23 NOVEMBER 2021

Electricity theft remains widespread in Sarawak but the collaboration between Sarawak Energy, the Ministry of Utilities Sarawak and the Police to track down and catch power thieves continues to show success.

This was demonstrated when a cryptocurrency mining centre located in a commercial shoplot at Jalan Matang, Kuching was found stealing electricity in a recent joint operation.

During the raid, a total of 32 cryptocurrency mining machines worth around RM80,000 were found on the premises. The operation team also discovered direct tapping cables hidden behind the meter fuses which were illegally connected to supply the servers.

It was estimated that Sarawak Energy incurred monthly losses of around RM6,800 in unregistered electricity consumption. All cryptocurrency mining installations were seized by the Police. Illegal direct tapping cables were also dismantled as evidence of electricity theft.

A police report was lodged and the operator will be charged for stealing electricity under Section 33(5) of the Electricity Ordinance, which carries a penalty of up to RM100,000 and/or five years jail if found guilty.

Cryptocurrency mining runs non-stop, thus requiring high electricity consumption to power their operations. Whenever electricity is stolen through direct tapping and bypassing electricity meters, the electrical network system can easily overload, leading to unnecessary outages or low voltages that could damage appliances and affect nearby customers.

Individuals, especially cryptocurrency miners are advised not to disregard any safety risks to themselves and the public for profit and to run their operations legally and ensure their electricity supply is not from stolen sources.

Stealing electricity is a dangerous crime which can lead to fire and electrocutions as unsafe wiring connections do not meet SESCO’s safety standards.

Customers are advised not to trust service providers claiming to be able to reduce electricity bills or allow premises owners to enjoy limitless electricity through meter tampering. Meter inspection teams are trained to detect various electricity theft methods as part of Sarawak Energy's efforts to curb power theft.

Sarawak Energy appreciates and encourages members of the public to report any suspected electricity theft case in their neighbourhood to the power utility by contacting Sarawak Energy’s customer care centre at 1300-88-3111 or email at All information received is strictly kept confidential.

Location of the cryptocurrency mining centre (indicated with red arrow) at a commercial shoplot at Jalan Matang, Kuching.

Operation team gaining access into the premises.

Operation team investigating the servers in the premises.

Direct tapping cables (indicated with red arrow) connected to cryptocurrency mining servers.

Cryptocurrency mining servers and other items seized by the Police.