Sarawak Energy and PESTECH to Explore Alternative Renewable Energy Solutions

Containerised Solar Hydrogen Research Project to be Implemented in Song

17 JULY 2021

Sarawak Energy has signed an agreement with PESTECH International Bhd (“PESTECH”) via its subsidiary PESTECH Energy Sdn. Bhd. (“PEN”) to work together on a research project to explore clean alternative energy solutions to replace diesel generators or other chemical-based energy storage solutions predominantly used in rural electrification.

The focus will be on how hydrogen and super-capacitors can be used to power microgrids in remote areas via sustainable distributed energy resources. This allows it to be brought into rural areas in smaller parts, providing a modularised option to scale up and down based on localised power systems to meet exact energy demands while minimising wastage.

The outcome of this project is also expected to be addressing the issue of battery disposal from solar powered systems as the Sarawak Government progresses its ambition to provide full electricity coverage in Sarawak by 2025.

Under the agreement, Sarawak Energy and PEN will conduct research, design, and develop a self-recharging autonomous hydrogen solution to be deployed at Rumah Bangau in Song over the next 15 months as an initiative to explore the potential of hydrogen storage solutions for rural electrification.

To mark the occasion, a signing ceremony was held virtually yesterday attended by Sarawak Energy Group Chief Executive Officer, Datu Haji Sharbini Suhaili, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of PESTECH International Bhd, Mr. Paul Lim Pay Chuan as well as senior management and staff from both corporations.

Signing for Sarawak Energy was General Manager for Research & Development, Dr. Ng Sing Muk while PEN was represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Vind Sidhu.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Paul stated that PESTECH will give full support and commitment to engage, deliver and adapt renewable energy initiatives for a sustainable energy future. “Our goal goes beyond electrifying rural areas, but also to leave a significant impact on various aspects of the community’s lives, including providing long-term environmental and economic benefit.”

“The need to shift towards sustainable electric generation has created the opportunity for both Sarawak Energy and PEN to work together to explore into efficient establishment of the solutions and are looking forward to a successful implementation of the Containerised Solar Hydrogen Research Project. This collaboration also supports Sarawak Energy’s desire to promote open innovation in our research and development works. By cultivating innovative ideas and partnering with industry experts, we believe that we will be able to develop and offer new technologies that can replace conventional practices for greater and more sustainable production,” said Datu Sharbini.

Contract Signing Ceremony between Sarawak Energy and PESTECH Energy Sdn Bhd

Dr Ng Sing Muk (top right) represented Sarawak Energy in the signing ceremony while PESTECH Energy Sdn. Bhd was represented by Mr Vind Sindhu (bottom right) witnessed by Datu Haji Sharbini Suhaili (top left) and Mr. Paul Lim Pay Chuan (bottom left)