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Floating Timber Debris Upstream Baleh River Puts Construction Of Baleh Hep At Risk


22 AUGUST 2021

Sarawak Energy is on high alert to assess and manage the potential impact of floating timber debris washed down from upstream by strong river currents and accumulating at the diversion tunnels inlet portal of Baleh Hydroelectric Project.

The Baleh HEP river site experienced a sudden inflow of floating timber debris from upstream yesterday (21 Aug) at around 12noon following heavy rainfall. This has impeded safe navigation of the river.

The combination of dry weather from April to early August, logging activities upstream of Baleh River and the intense rainfall recently appear to have contributed to the situation. If the situation continues, it will pose a significant risk to the project’s construction and the safety of downstream communities.

Sarawak Energy has informed the relevant stakeholders including the authorities on the situation.

Sarawak Energy is closely monitoring the situation at the diversion tunnels inlet portal and is on standby to clear the floating timber debris that may obstruct the water flow into the portal. Clearing works will be carried out only when high water levels recede and it is deemed safe to proceed.

The Baleh HEP is vital for Sarawak’s energy demand and when fully commissioned in 2026, the facility will join Sarawak’s stable of hydropower plants to support Sarawak’s aspiration to become a regional powerhouse of renewable and affordable energy.