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40 Additional Households In Kampung Penan Muslim In Bintulu To Be Connected



Kampung Penan Muslim on Mile 10, Bintulu is a village that was initially connected to the power grid in 2017 benefitting about 280 households. Following the addition of 40 households over the past 4 years, a new rural electricity supply (RES) project under the Sarawak Government's Projek Rakyat was started this year to connect these houses to grid electricity supply.

The contractor has erected all the poles and their stay wires, and the contractor crews are at site ready to begin stringing works when the cables arrive this week with the balance of cables expected to arrive on 14 December. It is estimated to take just under three weeks to complete all the necessary installations before Sarawak Energy conducts final inspections, and safe testing and commissioning.

The new houses were scheduled to be connected to electricity supply by the end of 2021 but this has been delayed to January 2022 as the project’s progress was hampered by the severe Covid-19 situation, causing the cable manufacturer to experience a few closures compounded by a shortage of raw materials for cable production.

Subject to weather conditions and if no major rectification works are required, the villagers can expect to receive their electricity supplies by January 2022 in under a month.