Landslide Trips 33kV Supply Lines at Lawas, Electricity Supply Unaffected


The current seasonal rainfall caused a roadside landslide in Lawas, affecting underground 33kV cables running from the 10MW Kota 2 mini hydropower station to Loagan Salam and tripping a circuit.

However, electricity supply was unaffected due to adequate supply generated from the backup Lawas Diesel Power Station and the Kalamaku mini hydro to meet demand for the area’s current load of 10MW.

Sarawak Energy immediately deployed its operations team to assess the impact of the landslide on the underground cables for recovery.

Ir Tan Joo Kok, Regional Manager for Northern Region said, “Fault location along the cables is currently ongoing but bad weather continues to hamper the team’s progress. The team will also initiate road repair works for safe access to Kota 2 mini hydropower station. We are thankful that no one was injured in the landslide and would like to caution road users travelling along that link until the road is cleared and repaired.”

The landslide damaged the link leading to Kota 2 Hydropower Station.