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Connecting Sarawak’s Northern Region To The Main Power Grid

Sarawak Energy working on major transmission projects to further connect supply in Miri, Limbang & Lawas

16 AUGUST 2020

Sarawak’s Ministry of Utilities through Sarawak Energy is progressing major project work packages to further modernise and connect electricity supply for Sarawak’s developing northern region and beyond.

These projects are in different stages of progress with some already completed and commissioned. They are planned to meet growing demand as areas from Miri up to Lawas continue to expand with new townships, businesses and residential areas.

In addition, the Northern Grid Extension project to connect areas north of Miri to the State Power Grid is progressing and will also support power export to our northern neighbours.

Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi anak Utom, Sarawak Minister for Utilities said, “Sarawak’s northern region has developed quickly especially over the past few years and the associated population growth has raised demand for electricity supply. In addition, the northern grid extension to meet electricity supply requirements of our neighbours is also progressing.”

The Northern Grid Extension project will eventually connect Limbang and Lawas to Sarawak’s main grid. Scheduled for completion in 2023, the project is being implemented in phases to extend the transmission grid across the whole length of Sarawak and will also cater for injection points for potential power export to Sabah and Brunei in realising the Borneo Grid.

“I am pleased that the strategic plan for the power supply system to be reinforced and modernised to meet demand growth for the north is already being implemented but we understand that this will take time to complete. The region is vast with difficult terrain to negotiate through a longer route bypassing international border crossings to get to Limbang and Lawas. In addition to this challenge, there are land and wayleave matters,” Rundi explained.

“I hope that everyone will give Sarawak Energy their full cooperation. This must be prioritised if we want a modern electricity supply system with full coverage for all of Sarawak and ensure we move forward in becoming an exporter of renewable energy for Borneo,” Rundi urged.

“Our challenges have motivated Sarawak Energy further to come up with innovative solutions and contingency measures that will resolve the electricity issues for the time being until we achieve greater grid connectivity through the Northern Grid Extension project,” said Datu Haji Sharbini Suhaili, Sarawak Energy Group Chief Executive Officer.

“We have a number of projects running concurrently focusing on improving supply reliability for residents in the north. We hope to complete these projects as scheduled and for the team to achieve timely delivery, we need the cooperation of everyone,” he explained.

In total, the transmission packages for Miri alone amount to over RM670million.

Expansion works at the 275kV Similajau substation were completed in March this year.

For Miri City, the completion of the Marudi Junction 275/132/33kV substation in May 2019 and Eastwood 132/33kV substation in July 2020 served as new injection points inline with the reinforcement plans for the city’s electricity system to enhance supply reliability.

The Eastwood 132kV and 33kV substations worth RM65 million in total benefit around 15,000 customers residing in Miri town, Marina and its surrounding. In addition, the facilities cater to the development at Eastwood Valley with excess power being used for regional load growth. Transmission line projects traversing 199KM to connect all the substations were completed in tandem.

Reinforcement works are also progressing in Lawas with the Lawas Town 275/33/132kV substation expected to come online by December 2021. The package costing half a billion ringgit includes connecting 131KM of 275kV transmission line from Medamit to Lawas Town.

Sarawak Energy has partially commissioned its mini hydro plant Kota 2, a run-of-river scheme which currently provides up to 7MW out of the total 10.5MW installed capacity it is capable of, reducing the dependence on diesel for power generation in northern Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Limbang is expected to be connected to the main grid displacing the existing diesel power station through the completion of the Bunut 275/33kV and Limbang Town 275kV/33kV substation by February 2023 along with the stringing of 228KM transmission lines. These projects cost RM800 million altogether.

Transmission Line connecting Marudi Junction Substation

The Marudi Junction 275/132/33kV Substation