SARES Lights Up 170 Households in Kapit

6 OCTOBER 2019

Electricity coverage in Sarawak has been accelerated since the Sarawak Alternative Rural Electrification Scheme or SARES was introduced in 2016, with more than 1,700 households from 87 villages in Kapit now having access to 24-hour renewable energy under the innovative government-community initiative.

SARES is one of several initiatives under the Accelerated Rural Electrification Masterplan, driven and funded by the Sarawak Government through the Ministry of Utilities Sarawak. Implemented by Sarawak Energy, SARES is expected to provide households in these very remote villages with either solar or micro-hydro solutions in the next two to five years.

Recently, more than 1,600 residents from 170 households in 9 villages in Sungai Gaat, Kapit have been given access to 24-hour renewable electricity.

The villages are Rumah Tungku-Ng Semirah, Rumah Nading-Ng Selentang, Rumah Sagen-Ng Ajan, Rumah Mamat-Ng Semirah, Rumah Sait-Ng Puro, Rumah Jaweng-Ng Sandau, Rumah Sugit-Ng Puro, Rumah Kupa-Ng Setapang, and Rumah Jegai-Ng Sebiro.

A handover ceremony was conducted at Rumah Nading recently to commemorate the completion of the solar-powered systems, officiated by YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Datuk James Jemut Masing, Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak who is also Baleh Assemblyman.

Also present were; YB Datuk Liwan Lagang, Assistant Minister for Utilities (Rural Electricity); YB Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong, Member of Parliament for Hulu Rajang; and Christopher Wesley Ajan, Sarawak Energy Manager for SARES.

Sarawak Energy Group Chief Executive Officer, Datu Sharbini Suhaili said when commenting on the event, “The implementation of SARES involves the community from the planning to the completion of the project and they will be trained to perform regular maintenance on the systems. Our SARES team is on hand for technical support and will be deployed should any major works need to be undertaken, to ensure the reliability of the systems.”

“When road connectivity in Sarawak improves, these remote villages will be connected to our main grid. In the meantime, SARES serves as a reliable system that meets the basic needs of these rural households.”

YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Datuk James Jemut Masing (standing 8th from right), in a photo with the representatives from the nine villages in Sg Gaat, Kapit. Also in the photo are YB Datuk Liwan Lagang (standing 9th from right), YB Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong (standing 7th from right) and Christopher Wesley Ajan (standing 9th from left).

Sarawak Energy Manager for SARES, Christoper Wesley Ajan, symbolically handing over ownership of the SARES systems to the representative from one of the nine villages, while YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar James Jemut Masing looks on.

YB Datuk Liwan Lagang delivering the speech on behalf of Minister for Utilities Sarawak, YB Dato Sri Stephen Rundi Utom.

Christopher (far left) briefing YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar James Jemut Masing, YB Datuk Liwan Lagang and YB Datuk Wilson Ugak on the innovative SARES system.