KUCHING, 3 September 2019: Sarawak Energy recently organised a social awareness programme on teenage pregnancy and the effects of drug abuse for students from primary and secondary schools in Kapit.

The one-day programme, organised together with the Kapit District Education Office and SMK Kapit No. 2, was attended by students from 10 schools; SMK Kapit No.2, SMK Kapit No.1, SMK Selirik, SK Kapit, SK Kampung Baru, SK Methodist, SK Lepong Balleh, SK Sg. Kapit, SK Sg. Amang and SJKC Hock Lam.

Topics covered included awareness talks on teenage pregnancy and the effects of drug abuse among the youth. Students were given insight on the consequences and measures against social ills.

Among the speakers were officers from National Anti-Drugs Agency Sibu Branch, Royal Malaysian Police – Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division Kapit Branch, Sarawak Welfare Department Kapit Branch as well as Kapit Hospital.

General Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Jiwari Abdullah said Sarawak Energy organised the programme following requests from engagements with the community to create greater awareness on social issues.

“We hope this effort will contribute towards better understanding of the consequences of both drug abuse and teenage pregnancy cases in schools, and lead to a drop in such cases especially in the Kapit area.

We are committed towards supporting the collective efforts by other agencies on minimising those issues as these problems not only affect the youth but the community in general,” Jiwari said.

Meanwhile, the students said the programme was very informative and left with better understanding of the issues, its consequences and prevention measures.

Hendry Thomas from SMK Kapit No.2 said the programme has imparted many new understanding and knowledge on the issues of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse through interesting presentation formats by the various agencies.

Both teachers and parents also discussed on their roles and responsibilities to combat social problems with Kapit community leader Pemancha Steward Sawing, at a special session held during the programme.

Present at the event were manager for Baleh Community Relations Jantai Maseng; SMK Kapit No.2 principal Azaman bin Hailee; SMK Kapit No.2 Parents Teachers Association chairman Malang anak Biat; Kapit District Education Office representative Tagong Jeffery Agang, teachers and parents.

Sarawak Energy organised drug abuse awareness programme in May last year at SMK Kapit No.1 attended by students from three secondary and six primary schools.

Other educational programme organised for the students include Program Jalinan Mesra Peribumi – a programme designed to provide guidance at examination answering techniques and skills for primary six students sitting for their Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (PSR) and it was held at SK Temenggong Koh last year and SK Sg. Tunoh this year.

The students actively participating in the discussion.

Hendry (centre), and his friends described the programme as informative.