Sarawak Energy Organises Crisis Simulation Exercise with Government Agencies


12 OCTOBER 2019

Sarawak Energy recently organised a joint crisis simulation exercise with Government departments and agencies for the first time.

The exercise saw the participation of over 70 personnel from the National Security Council, Police, Army, Fire and Rescue Department, Health Ministry as well as the Resident and District Offices.

The desktop walkthrough exercise was held at Bakun Hydroelectric Plant to enhance coordination and preparedness in event of any crises or disasters for the relevant agencies and to raise awareness on business continuity management.

The exercise involved simulating a crisis scenario requiring participants to execute appropriate responses and recovery procedures effectively. The exercise was also for Sarawak Energy to improve the effectiveness of its business continuity plan.

As part of good practice, Sarawak Energy conducts periodic crisis simulation exercises to build resiliency and preparedness.

Briefing for all the participants before the start of the exercise.

All the participants involved in the simulation exercise posing for a group photo.