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Murum Batu Tungun Blessing Ceremony & Student Incentive Presentation

MURUM, 27 NOVEMBER 2019, WEDNESDAY: Sarawak Energy and the villages of the Murum Resettlement Area continue to work together on education and cultural programmes under the principle that as the communities progress, their traditional heritage would be preserved.

The 2019 Batu Tungun Blessing Ceremony was held on 15 November at a special site constructed specifically for the annual consecration of the rock formation held sacred by the Penan resettled community of Murum.

The event was organised and supported by Sarawak Energy in collaboration with the Murum Penan Development Committee (MPDC).

The blessing was performed by community elder Saran Joo according to the traditional sacred rites of the Bungan religion.

Earlier this year, Sarawak Energy had upgraded the site with the installation of a new information panel at the adjacent Batu Tungun Lookout Point to reflect the lifestyle transformation experienced by the resettled community.

The communities were relocated in 2013 as part of the resettlement action plan following the development of the Murum HEP.

Political Secretaries to Sarawak Chief Minister Michael Mujah Lihan- who was representing Murum State Assemblyman YB Kennedy Chuk Pai Ugon- and Beatrice Kedoh Tajang attended the event together with Belaga District Education Officer Jalong Wan and Assistant Director State Planning Unit (Penan Affairs & Resettlement) Awi Abang. Community Leaders including longhouse chiefs from Murum and Bakun were also present.

The Sarawak Energy team was led by General Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Jiwari Abdullah. He was joined by Cascade Assistant GM Tay Chang Seng and Murum Station Manager Encharang Ngtingih and Community Relations Manager Augustine Supen.

In conjunction with the event, 419 students from SK Tegulang and SK Metalun received certificates and incentives for academic performance and attendance under the education initiatives provided by the Belaga Penan Education Fund.

In his speech, Jiwari congratulated students from SK Tegulang and SK Metalun on their school achievements for the year.

“For 2019, the number of those receiving the incentives have increased to 419 from 340 students in 2018. We hope to see the number of students who achieve good results increase every year,” he said.

Set up in 2015, the annual revolving fund of RM200,000 is a collaboration between Sarawak Energy and Bakun Charitable Trust to support Penan students and youths in Belaga and the Murum resettled communities.

The fund also supports Penan students at approved skills development centres or institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. It has funded 45 Penan youth in training centres and higher learning institutions. Twenty-nine have successfully completed their courses and are employed in the construction, oil and gas, palm oil plantation and fabrication industry.

Prior to the blessing ceremony, the Murum Penan Festival was held on 13 November 2019 at Metalun. Communities from Long Singu, Long Tangau, Long Manapa and Long Luar joined the festivities included football, a tele-match as well as a karaoke competition to foster a closer bond among the villages.

Political Secretaries Michael Mujah Lihan (second left) and Political Secretary to Chief Minister Beatrice Kedoh Tajang (right) , Sarawak Energy General Manager for CSR and Sustainability Jiwari Abdullah (fourth from left) at the Batu Tungun Ritual Ceremony.

A group photo with the community after the Batu Tungun Ritual. Also seen are Political Secretary to Chief Minister Beatrice Kedoh Tajang (fifth left), Belaga District Education Officer Jalong Wan (sixth left), Community Elder Saran Joo (ninth left), Political Secretary to Chief Minister Michael Mujah Lihan (seventh right), Penghulu Luhat (sixth right) and General Manager for CSR & Sustainability Jiwari Abdullah (fifth right) and Manager for Community Relations Augustine Supen Taja (fourth right).

Students from SK Tegulang receiving their academic incentives.

Jiwari delivering his speech on the CSR initiatives implemented with the Murum community.

A group-photo of the winners of competition held throughout the Pesta Penan Murum 2019.

The teams that qualified for finals of the football match at Pesta Penan Murum 2019 ; Long Luar and Long Menapa.