Supply Fully Restored After Lightning Causes Power Outage In Miri

KUCHING, Friday, 7 November, 2014: Sarawak Energy regrets to inform its customers in Miri that the power outage on Thursday night was the result of heavy lightning activities that occurred earlier on.

The power outage began at 9.55pm when lightning hit both circuits of the Similajau-Tudan transmission lines causing them to trip, affecting Miri City, Lutong, Kuala Baram, Lambir, Marudi, Bekenu and Batu Niah.

Sarawak Energy’s technical team immediately attended the restoration process and supply was restored in stages between half an hour to two hours after the tripping.

Sarawak Energy Northern Regional Manager Choo Min Chong said, “It is not common for lightning to strike both circuits, but this was one of those rare cases.”

“With our customers in mind, our team worked very hard to restore power in the shortest time possible and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to the people in Miri,” he said.

Adding on Sarawak Energy Chief Operating Officer Lu Yew Hung said, “Sarawak Energy is in the midst of reinforcing the electrical network for Miri which will improve supply stability, reliability and boost supply capacity of the city and its surrounding areas.

The detailed plan for the network reinforcement spans for a period of 5 years and due to complete by 2018.  This will see a gradual improvement of Miri’s network system. ”

Sarawak Energy is investing over RM400mil for this purpose. Among the projects that will help strengthen supply in Miri are the construction of Tudan 275kV substation with installed 2 x 240MVA transformers, construction of new Lambir 275kV substation with installed 2 x 120MVA transformers and a planned construction of a new combined cycle gas power plant in Lutong with a capacity of approximately 200MW.

Sarawak Energy wishes to thank its customers for their patience and kind understanding throughout the restoration process.