Sarawak Energy Unveils 500 kVa Mobile Generator Set With New Brand Livery

KUCHING, March 8 2018, Thursday: Minister for Utilities Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi anak Utom and Assistant Minister of Rural Electrification Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi joined Sarawak Energy’s senior management team at an event to mark the addition of two new high-performance mobile generator sets to the corporation’s fleet at Menara Sarawak Energy today.

Sarawak Energy’s utility and retail subsidiary SESCO recently added two new purpose-fit trucks with mounted 500kVA generators as part of its fleet of 14 sets available state-wide. The low-emission mobile generators are the first to carry Sarawak Energy’s branding identity with the ‘Power to Grow’ tagline. The new livery also includes the customer care hotline for greater awareness of how to reach out to Sarawak Energy.

At the event, Rundi said that as Minister for Utilities, he was pleased that the State power utility continued to focus on enriching customer experience through constant innovation, interface growth and on minimising customer inconvenience for Sarawak Energy’s 650,000 customers state-wide.

“I understand that these high performance 500kVA mobile generator sets were purchased as part of the company’s continued focus on improvement and innovation in customer service delivery, and for fast deployment during planned and emergency shutdowns. I applaud Sarawak Energy’s commitment to excellence in customer service and to ensure reliable electricity supply for its customers throughout Sarawak,” Rundi said.

The new generator sets are stationed in Kuching and Miri respectively as an alternative electricity source during planned and emergency shutdowns, and will be used to enhance power utility’s services and response time. Sarawak Energy also plans to purchase more mobile generator sets to accommodate other stations in the future.

Representing Sarawak Energy at the ceremony were Group Chief Executive Officer Sharbini Suhaili; Group Chief Operating Officer Lu Yew Hung; Executive Vice President for Corporate Services Aisah Eden; SESCO Chief Executive Officer Lau Kim Swee and members of Sarawak Energy senior management team.

“Customer service excellence is a key focus area in our efforts to be a top quartile utility so we can be benchmarked amongst the best in the region. A measure is the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI), which records the average supply interruption time experienced by a customer. Mobile generator sets have significantly contributed to the reduction of SAIDI for our customers,” said Sharbini.
“In addition, having Sarawak Energy’s corporate identity prominently displayed on our new sets send a strong and visible statement of our commitment to customer care,” Sharbini said.

The generators are mounted on specially fabricated trucks that comes with flexible cables with motorised reels.  Distribution crews responsible for operating the generator sets have been sent for a training course to familiarise them with the new equipment.

 “This is also the first time we have specially fabricated trucks to house the generators, to maximise performance and mobility in situations when required. In addition, they are ergonomically designed, easy to connect and use compared to our earlier models,” Lau explained.

“This will also boost our field crew sense of pride and professionalism in serving our customers by showcasing our strength and reliability behind the brand,” Lau added.

Sarawak Energy’s other mobile generators are three 150kVA, six 350kVA and three 500kVA generators. The energy and utility company also plans to purchase higher capacity generators with 1000 kVA capacity this year to meet operational needs in the event of major planned and emergency shutdowns.

Dr Rundi (third right) together with (from right) Lau, Sharbini, Dr Abdul Rahman and Lu cut the ribbon to mark the unveiling of the mobile generator set. Also present are Aisah (left) and other Sarawak Energy top management.

Dr Rundi (third from right) switching on the mobile generator set to signify the launch of the new mobile generator set. (From Right) Lu, Dr Mak Met, Senior Vice President of Human Resource, Dr Abdul Rahman, Sharbini, Lau, Aisah and James Ung, Chief Executive Officer of SEB Power after the unveiling ceremony.

The minister witnessing the motorized cable reel demonstration by the technical team.

The other mobile generator set is already deployed to Miri to serve customers in the region. Pic of Miri Regional Manager, Tan Joo Kok (second left) with the mobile generator set crew.

The Sarawak Energy new 500kVA mobile generator set are the first to carry Sarawak Energy’s branding identity with the ‘Power to Grow’ tagline.