Sarawak Energy Taking Proactive Steps to Strengthen Reliability of Supply in Kanowit

KUCHING, 9 JUNE 2018, SATURDAY: Sarawak Energy has been monitoring the performance of the electric lines supplying Kanowit very closely and has taken immediate actions to address the challenges and enhance supply reliability to the area.
This includes the termination of contract of the poor performing vegetation (tree clearing) contractor in April, with a new contractor appointed in May 2018.
Extensive tree clearing is ongoing and on some occasions, shutdowns of overhead lines are necessary to enable the clearing works of overgrown tree branches to be done safely.
Sarawak Energy apologises to its customers in Kanowit for these frequent shutdowns of the line for this purpose and assures those affected that the management is closely and continuously monitoring the performance of tree clearing works and the overall supply reliability of Kanowit and its nearby areas.
Apart from enhancing its vegetation management, Sarawak Energy has also implemented system reinforcement works to improve the supply reliability of the long overhead lines (70km) stretching from Sibu - Kanowit - Nibong Tada and Machan areas.
The diversion of Nibong Tada line from Kanowit line to Mapai substation was completed on 18 May 2018, before the Gawai celebration.
This project (costing about RM500,000) is to improve the system reliability by providing additional supply source and reduce the number of affected customers.  At the same time, it shortens the outage duration should there be any fault occurring along the Sibu to Kanowit overhead line.
Sarawak Energy's records show that the frequency of outage in Kanowit has decreased after the completion of this diversion work.
From mid-May to-date, there were four outages recorded, caused by lightning, a vehicle knocking down a pole and strong winds.  Restoration for the outages were between 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Another significant ongoing reinforcement project for Kanowit which is nearing completion is the construction of a 30km length second circuit from Sibu to Kanowit.
This RM630,000 project provides another clean line dedicated to supply Kanowit. The project is expected to be completed by the end of next month (July).
The completion of this additional line will significantly enhance the supply reliability in Kanowit and Machan and its surrounding areas.
While construction works on the second circuit is ongoing, Sarawak Energy continues to closely monitor the lines to ensure fast restoration of supply in the case of an interruption.
Affected customers are assured that Sarawak Energy is looking into this very seriously and the necessary measures are being taken to improve the line performance to give reliable supply to the people of Kanowit.