Sarawak Energy Selected to Host Industrial Attachment Phase of “From Great to Excellent Leaders” (GreEL) Programme

KUCHING, 25 JULY 2018, WEDNESDAY: Sarawak Energy recently hosted 20 high-performing lecturers, principals and headmasters from around the state as part of the Ministry of Education’s “From Great to Excellent Leaders” programme (GreEL) conducted by Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB). 

Sarawak Energy’s Executive Vice President for Corporate Services Aisah Eden, in her welcoming address thanked IAB for selecting Sarawak Energy as a corporate partner in running GreEL. She shared Sarawak Energy’s transformation journey from a traditional utility to a modern and agile corporation serving 650,000 customers, covering domestic, commercial, industrial and export customers through an extensive transmission and distribution network throughout the state.

“We are pleased to share our transformation journey and our knowledge with Sarawak’s top educators. We hope that our practices in management and development of our resources, including our ongoing digitalisation and modernisation transformation initiatives as well as our aspirations for the future, will contribute to your professional growth as educators and your own journey to excellence,” she added. 

“Our people are our greatest asset. Since 2011, manpower has increased by 51% and today we have about 5,000 Sarawakians in our multi-disciplinary workforce. We are developing our people to build a pool of capable professionals within the organisation and ensure their competence. We also have various initiatives that include the Sarawak Energy Leading Women Network (SELWN) that focuses on the empowerment and development of women in Sarawak Energy,” Aisah continued.

Aisah also highlighted the progress of the state-owned energy developer and utility’s major projects to further enhance Sarawak’s power generation capacity as well as improve on reliability of supply to its customers.

She said the comprehensive and integrated development would provide the modern electricity system that the state and its people deserve, and move Sarawak forward with its vision to become the ASEAN powerhouse with the materialisation of the Borneo Grid.

In the last ten years through the funding of Federal and State government, Sarawak’s state domestic coverage is now at 95% and its rural electrification rate has gone up from 56% in 2009 to 90% today, paving the way for socio-economic development and opportunities for the communities.

Sarawak Energy Group Chief Operating Officer Lu Yew Hung (卢友云) said, “We recognise the importance of collaborating with educational institutions and have established research partnerships with a number of them, in line with one of our Social Investment Pillars focusing on Education and Young People.”

“Therefore, educators play an essential role within our society, as they are tasked with the responsibility of nurturing and caring for the future generation. We appreciate and thank you for your contributions,” he concluded.

Sarawak Energy moved towards renewable hydropower to drive investment and growth in the state, and since then has increased the generation capacity of this renewable resource up to 75% of the overall generation mix today, while decreasing the grid carbon intensity by over 70% and lowered electricity tariffs to the lowest in Malaysia and amongst the lowest in South East Asia. The hydro power plants are developed according to International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) standards and guidelines which ensure they are built and operated safely, efficiently, environmentally and socially equitable. The energy developer also harnesses the abundant indigenous resources like coal and gas to ensure energy security for the state.

GreEL is one of the Ministry of Education’s initiatives under the Government Transformation Program (GTP) 2.0 in ensuring that school leaders are capable of accelerating schools’ progress towards the 21st century education and Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The three-day programme, held at Menara Sarawak Energy, is part of the Industrial Attachment phase of GreEL, where the educators are given the opportunity to visit and benchmark other government agencies and corporate entities.

The educators participated in knowledge sharing sessions and forums conducted by the top management of Sarawak Energy encompassing the company’s transformation journey, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, building capabilities and leadership, mentoring, digitalisation, value creation and agility, as well as managing corporate reputation, followed by site visits to Sarawak Energy facilities.

Aisah delivering her welcome address to the educators on the first day of GreEL

Aisah (seated, 4th from right) with the team from IAB and educators

Lu (front row, 5th from right) posing for a photo with the team from IAB and educators

Lu (4th from left) receiving a memento from Abdul Mu'ti Bin Ahmad, Head of Education Management Development Centre, Institut Aminuddin Baki Malaysia.