Sarawak Energy Safety Reminder During GE14 Campaign

KUCHING, 29TH APRIL 2018, SUNDAY: Election workers are advised to exercise caution when displaying campaign materials nearby live electrical facilities during this election period.

Sarawak Energy Group Chief Operating Officer Lu Yew Hung  (卢友云) said there had been cases in the past whereby election materials were hung closely to overhead supply lines and even tied to electrical poles and this was a dangerous practice for it can result in electrical flashovers other than disrupting supply.  “Close contact with our electrical facilities and equipment can result in electrical flashovers occurring and this is dangerous. An electrical flashover happens when electricity ‘jumps’ without direct contact with power lines or conductors and can result in serious burns or tragic loss of lives. The safety clearance from overhead lines is at least 4.6m (15 feet).

“We advise all election workers to be alert and careful at all times when working close by any of our facilities and don’t hang campaign materials indiscriminately. Let’s make safety our top priority,” said Lu.

The power utility’s personnel will take down banners and buntings without prior notice should the location of display be considered dangerous to the public. Billboards also should not be located anywhere near overhead lines and substations in case of contact during strong winds.