Sarawak Energy Coal Fired Power Plant Project Achieves Safety Milestone - Thirteen Million Man-Hours Without Lost Time Injury

KUCHING, 30 NOVEMBER 2018, FRIDAY: Sarawak Energy’s 624MW Balingian Coal Fired Power Plant, due for full commissioning in the third quarter of 2019, has recorded 13 million safe manhours over the project duration.

An event was held at the project site today to celebrate the safety achievement with hundreds of staff, contractors and members of the community participating.

“Congratulations to all Sarawak Energy staff and contractors of the Balingian Project Team. This demonstrates that we can achieve our goal of no harm to people with the right commitment,” said Group CEO Datu Sharbini Suhaili during his officiating speech.

Sharbini also thanked the Ministry of Utilities, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Department of Environment (DOE), Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Sarawak, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Bomba as well as the community for their support since the project commenced in May 2014.

"Upon completion, Balingian Coal Fired Power Plant will add an additional 624MW of generation capacity to the state grid. The facility will utilise indigenous Sarawak coal, found in the vicinity the plant location, to help us meet demand from both our retail and bulk power SCORE customers.”

Balingian Coal Fired Power Plant is the first plant in Malaysia to use circulating fluidised bed boiler or CFB technology, allowing it to handle a wide range of coal types including high moisture coal commonly found in the Balingian region. It is also the largest of its kind in South East Asia.

“With more efficient technology, we are taking a step further into ensuring optimal utilisation of local coal resources. This new technology will reduce the emission of nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide by more than 40%, improving the environmental footprint of the plant,” he said.

Sharbini was joined by SEB Power Chief Executive Officer, James Ung, and Sarawak Energy Executive Vice President for Project Execution Pramod Kumar.

The project’s early earthworks were by Sarawak Energy’s contractors, Hock Peng Furniture and General Contractor and Naim Engineering Sdn Bhd followed by building of plants and facilities by Shanghai Electric Group, Hock Seng Lee Berhad, GE Power Services and PPES Works-Larico JV.

Amongst those present were Shanghai Electric Power Generation Engineering Vice Managing Director, Sha Yunfeng and Ir Liaw Sung Guan from the Electrical Inspectorate Unit.

There was a strong community element during the celebration of the safety milestone where activities including a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Run, a safety poster colouring contest for children were organised to build and foster relationships with the community in the immediate area.

Safety-themed competitions, including housekeeping and unsafe acts/unsafe conditions identification contests, were also held among Sarawak Energy’s employees and its contractors to further instil safety into their culture.

The state-owned energy development company and power utility harnesses the state’s indigenous coal resources to ensure security of supply in order to continue to provide all Sarawakians with reliable and affordable power. –ENDS

Datu Sharbini (11th from right) with the contractors as well as winners of the competitions held in conjunction with the achievement of the safety milestone of 13,000,000 safe manhours.

Datu Sharbini delivering his address.

Pramod delivering his welcome address at the event.

Datu Sharbini (2nd from right) signing a commemorative plaque while Sha (far right), James (2nd from left), Pramod (3rd from left) and senior management of Sarawak Energy look on.

Datu Sharbini (far right) officiating at the event at the Balingian Coal Fired Power Plant while Liaw (far left) Pramod (3rd from left), Sha (4th from left), James (2nd from right) and Sarawak Energy senior management look on.