Sarawak Energy Clarification On SEIA Report For Baram HEP

KUCHING, 17th DECEMBER 2014, WEDNESDAY: Sarawak Energy has not begun any clearing or construction works for the Baram HEP.

The company will only begin construction work of any hydroelectric project once soil investigation work has been done, comprehensive feasibility studies undertaken and Social and Environment Impact Assessment (SEIA) reports have been completed, and only after approvals have been obtained from the State Government.

Sarawak Energy’s ability to commence and complete the feasibility studies and SEIA reports to ensure community issues and points of view are taken into account, have been disrupted by the ongoing protests.

While we respect the right of individuals and organisations to express their point of view, it should be done in a manner that is lawful and does not place their safety or the safety of others at risk. The behaviour of the NGOs protesting at Baram in the past has breached both these basic principles.

Sarawak Energy will not start any construction work before these key documents have been finalised and state government approval is given. The company abides by the requirements set by the State government to ensure the best outcome for all without compromising the future economic growth of the State in the best interest of its people.

The company’s SEIA study is guided by international standards to complete a ‘contemporary ethnography’ or snap shot of current life in the communities and also to ensure that the directly affected people are clear about the project and their concerns and aspirations are properly recorded and responded to.

Sarawak Energy acknowledges the genuine NGOs and members of the Baram community who are sincere in their desire to secure an outcome that benefits the people of the area.

The company have been actively engaging with stakeholders especially the community in Baram and from feedback received through the community leaders and state representatives and have been informed that the people of Baram are willing to cooperate and provide input into the studies to ensure that their aspirations and concerns will be taken into consideration. Sarawak Energy looks forward to working with them.