Power Supply Restored In Bario

KUCHING, 9 DECEMBER 2018, SUNDAY: Power supply was restored in Bario at around 3.00pm today after intensive efforts from Sarawak Energy, including the deployment of extra manpower from Miri and Sibu with one team flown in by chartered helicopter. Eleven out of 12 villages now have power supply.

The power interruption that occurred on Friday affected supply to Kampung Baru, Padang Pasir, Ulung Palang Atas, Ulung Palang Bawah, Pa Ukat, Pa Umor, Arur Dalan, Bario Asal, Arur Layun, Pa Derung, Pa Ramapuh Atas and Pa Ramapuh Bawah.

Power to the remaining village of Pa Derung is expected to be restored by 2pm on Monday 10 December.

The supply interruption was caused by a fault at the Bario Central Solar Hybrid Power Station. The interruption occurred when prolonged cloudy weather conditions affected solar generation at the power station, during the switchover to the power plant’s back-up diesel generators.

Three technical teams including one flown in by chartered helicopter earlier today expedited repair works to restore supply to the people of Bario. A technical team arrived on site earlier yesterday by road.

Their deployment was delayed due to challenging terrain and rainy weather which affected timber track conditions normally used to access Bario which has limited air connectivity. In normal conditions, the journey via timber track from the Miri based technical team would take approximately 14 hours.

Sarawak Energy apologises to the Bario community for the inconvenience caused and has launched an immediate investigation into the cause

Sarawak Energy’s technical team boarding the chartered helicopter to Bario.

Bario Central Solar Hybrid Power Station