Maintaining Public Safety – A Top Priority

Supply to substations will be switch off during rising water if require

KUCHING, 8th FEBRUARY 2018, Thursday: To maintain public safety, Sarawak Energy’s operational arm SESCO will switched off electricity supply to substations in flood affected areas if the water reaches dangerous levels. Electricity supply to any affected areas will be switched off without notice if required, and power supply will be restored when it is safe to do so. The public in flood prone areas are reminded to be mindful of electrical safety at all times.   BEFORE A FLOOD

  • Move electrical equipment to floors or areas above the anticipated flood level at the earliest sign of rising flood waters.


  • Avoid using electrical appliances.
  • One of the basic but most crucial steps to take when flooding occurs is to switch off all electrical power by turning off the main switchboard.
  • Once water has entered the building and if the main power switch was not turned off, members of the public must not attempt to turn it off.
  • Do not go near SESCO electrical installations which are submerged or affected by flood water.
  • Parents are advised to monitor their children, especially when playing in flood water, to ensure they do not approach or go near snapped electrical wires that might still conduct electricity.
  • When boating in a flooded area, be extra-cautious of low hanging power lines


  • When an electrical appliance or installation has been submerged in water, it should not be switched on even after flood water recedes for there are risks of electrocution or fire.
  • Before switching back on the main supply, the public are advised to have a qualified electrician to inspect all wiring and appliances.

For more lifesaving electrical safety tips, please go to the corporate website at The public can also get updates on twitter via @1sarawakenergy and SEB cares. 

 Customers may seek more information by calling Sarawak Energy’s Customer Care Centre which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: