71 Awarded Scholarships from Sarawak Energy

State utility and energy developer allocates RM8million annually in support of educational development

KUCHING, 27 JULY 2018, FRIDAY: Sarawak Energy today presented the 2018 Scholarships Awards to a total of 71 recipients - 57 outstanding students about to enter college or university and 14 employees on a continuing education programme while still at work.

The awards form part of the power utility and energy developer’s ongoing efforts to help develop Sarawak talent through an annual commitment of RM8million.

Group Chief Executive Officer Sharbini Suhaili, when addressing the scholars, employees and guests at the presentation ceremony said, “In Sarawak Energy, we believe that the best investment in the future of Sarawak is an investment in education and young people, whether it is through scholarships for eligible Sarawakians or educational programmes for project-affected communities. This provides the best path to success and we are privileged to be able to play a role in securing their future.”

“Our annual scholarships are a social investment that we believe will generate strong returns. This is our commitment towards supporting and developing potential talent and the next generation of leaders. Sarawak Energy scholars will become part of the high performance workforce needed to fulfil the state’s future manpower needs,” he said.

The 2018 Sarawak Energy Scholarship Awards attracted a large number of applicants, with the final recipients chosen on the basis of academic performance and leadership in extra-curricular activities.  Priority is given to students who work hard to deliver good academic results but may not always have the means to continue their studies. 

“Please continue to excel in your studies to make us proud that you are Sarawak Energy scholars. I look forward to some of you becoming part of our team as we grow our ambition to be a regional powerhouse,” he concluded.

Since its introduction in 2014, some 242 (165 external and 77 internal) students have benefitted from the scholarship programme while 277 (240 external and 37 internal) still pursuing their studies. 

Scholarships are also awarded to employee for competency enhancement and as part of employees’ value proposition in the corporation’s ongoing talent development programme for a high performing workforce.

Besides the scholarship programme, Sarawak Energy’s other initiatives to spot, attract and recruit the best young talent include internship placement and campus ambassador activities.