Strong Winds And Road Accident Damaged Cable Poles

Two Separate Incidents Cause Supply Interruptions to Kuala Baram and Pulau Bruit on 1st Day of Gawai

KUCHING, 3th June 2017, Saturday: Two separate power outages occurred in Kuala Baram and Pulau Bruit respectively yesterday and both incidents were due to damages to the cable poles.

The power outage that occurred in Pulau Bruit was caused by a damaged High Tension (HT) cable pole located at Lepah, Tanjung Manis after a vehicle knocked down the pole which supplies to Pulau Bruit and Nanga Semah.   The 8 am incident affected about 2000 customers in the areas.  Supply to the areas was fully restored by 5.30pm yesterday following completion of repair works.

Meanwhile, in Kuala Baram, Miri, five poles were damaged by strong winds that hit the area yesterday morning affected supply to about 500 customers in Kampung Masjid and the quarters of Customs & Excise Department and Sarawak River Board.

Sarawak Energy Regional Manager for Miri, Tan Joo Kok said, “The repair works took some time due to the complexity of the works and the location of the  poles which are located about 20 metres away from the roadside.   However, all five poles were successfully erected at midnight before we had to stop work due to heavy rain. As safety of our team is also a priority, we are continuing works today to complete the repair and to restore supply to the affected areas.

As of press time, works to restore power to the affected areas still continue and is estimated to complete by 4pm today.

“We thank our customers for their kind understanding of the situation and regret for the inconvenience caused especially on the first day of Gawai. Our team is working hard to repair the damages and restore the power supply the fastest possible,” said Tan.

The broken HT pole after it was knocked by a vehicle at Lepah, Tanjung Manis

One of the poles damaged by strong winds in Kuala Baram