Sarawak Energy Provides Aid to Bakun Resettlement Fire Victims

KUCHING, 22ND JUNE 2017, THURSDAY:  Sarawak Energy joined other concerned agencies to quickly provide immediate relief to villagers of Uma Badeng in Sg Koyan Bakun Resettlement Scheme, after a 15 door-block of the longhouse was razed by fire on the evening of 20 June leaving around 100 villagers homeless.

Among items donated to the victims the day after the fire were toiletries, mattresses, pillows, clothes, gas tank and stove, kitchen utensils and food items such as rice, sugar, canned food, drinking water.

There to present the aid together with Sarawak Energy were YB Kennedy Chukpai Ugon, Murum assemblyman; Juan Ubit, Belaga district officer; Kuba Lusat, Sungai Asap sub-district state administrative officer; Pemanca Tony Kulleh and  Unjar Lum, Fire and Rescue Department Bintulu zone chief.

Sarawak Energy was represented by Bit Surang, CSR Community Relations Executive; Zoee Hillson CSR Executive; Alis Ekan, Community Relations Executive and Florida Havit, Community Relations Assistant.

YB Kennedy remarked, “This spirit of cooperation and kindness shown by Sarawak Energy, community leaders and the people ought to be emulated by all. It is during times like this when we need everyone to come together and extend a helping hand and provide much needed relief.”

Kennedy thanked all who had contributed including Bomba Sukarela Uma Daro Liling Padong and nearby communities for providing first response to the fire victims.

Jiwari Abdullah, Sarawak Energy Assistant General Manager for CSR, said; “We are thankful that nobody was hurt in the fire and that everyone managed to get out safely. We hope the aid given is able to provide some respite during this time of need.

Murum Assemblyman Yb Kennedy Chukpai Ugon (sixth from right), Sarawak Energy CSR Community Relations Executives Bit Surang (third right) and Alis Ekan (right) and the others with items donated in aid of the fire victims of Uma Badeng.