Sarawak Energy Holds Inaugural Technology Day

KUCHING, 11th OCTOBER 2017, WEDNESDAY: Sarawak Energy held its inaugural Technology Day today, bringing together users and providers of technology for the energy developer and power utility. The event saw hundreds of staff attend the launch and exhibition of technological products used in Sarawak Energy. The exhibition was also participated in by government agencies, higher learning institutions and vendors.

Group Chief Executive Officer Sharbini Suhaili launched the event, which was organised by the Research & Development Department to showcase the importance of technology as an enabler to achieve Sarawak Energy’s vision of a regional powerhouse.

In his speech, Sharbini said it was vital for the organisation to embrace technology and adapt to the rapid changes to remain relevant and competitive.

“In our workplace, we need technology-savvy people at all levels of the organisation. It is not how hard we work, it is how well we use technology in our work that will make the difference,” reminded Sharbini.  

Citing some of the innovations that Sarawak Energy had deployed like mobile applications and technology applications, Sharbini reiterated that technology would be the main enabler for excellence in its operations.

Sharbini delivering his speech during the opening of Technology Day.

Sharbini together with (from right) Dr Chen Shiun, Vice President of Research and Development and Group Chief Operating Officer Lu Yew Hung being briefed by one of the exhibitors.

Group CEO Sharbini trying out Sarawak Energy’s electric scooter. Also seen in the picture are members of the Group Executive Committee.