Sarawak Energy Bills Payable At Payment Kiosks

KUCHING, 23rd MARCH 2017, THURSDAY: Sarawak Energy’s operation and retail arm Syarikat SESCO Bhd (SESCO) continues to innovate to enhance customer experience and serve customers better. The latest initiative from the state utility is the introduction of payment kiosk machines as an additional payment channel, allowing for real-time payment updates. The kiosks will be available at SESCO counters for added customer convenience. 

Sarawak Energy Group Chief Executive Officer Sharbini Suhaili officiated at an event held at Wisma SESCO here on Wednesday to mark the initiative. Sarawak Energy Group Chief Operating Officer, Lu Yew Hung (卢友云), Executive Vice President for Corporate Services Aisah Eden, SESCO Chief Executive Officer Lau Kim Swee (刘金瑞) and Vice President for Retail, Yusri Safri were also in attendance together with Sarawak Energy’s Group Executive Committee, senior management and staff.

To-date, four kiosks have been installed at Wisma SESCO and Pending in Kuching and another two at the Sibu office. Ten more kiosks will be installed in stages at Sri Aman, Sarikei, Sibu Civic Centre, Bintulu, Miri counters as well as at UTC Kuching, UTC Sibu and UTC Miri.

Through the kiosks, customers can make single or multiple payments (up to 5 bills) for their electricity bills per transaction and also pay for their collateral deposits. Payments can be made either by cash, cheque and any credit card issued by banks in Malaysia. Customers can also perform bill enquiries and print e-bills.

This will provide an additional option for customers who can also choose from channels such as the “SEBCares” mobile app where customers can view and pay their electricity bills via online banking, credit or debit card or auto pay.

Sharbini congratulated the Retail team for applying technological advancement and innovation to enhance customer experience.

“Please continue to innovate to improve on customers’ touch points especially through new technology.

This is an example of how we can simplify processes to deliver with speed and precision. Sometimes the simplest idea can bring meaningful change. Let us work the extra mile to delight the customers and surpass expectations,” said Sharbini.

Adding on, Lau explained that the kiosk was part of Retail’s long-term vision for counter-less transactions.

“Our customer service principle has evolved from merely providing services, to delivering a truly outstanding customer experience. In doing so, we are always finding ways to implement initiatives that make it easier for our customer to do business with us. We constantly seek customers’ feedback and this payment kiosk is one of the requests made by our customers,” he said.

In a briefing before the launch, Yusri gave an update on the various customer service initiatives.

“By introducing the kiosk, we will be able to reduce the customers’ queuing time at the counters and enable the front-liners to focus more on handling other complex transactions and enquiries. We hope to extend this facility to the smaller counters in the rural areas so customers can enjoy similar convenience as experienced in the urban areas.

“We are also looking into the idea of having the kiosks placed at strategic locations such as shopping malls for better customers’ convenience,” said Yusri, adding that this would extend the time customers could use the kiosks past traditional office hours.

Apart from the services mentioned, Retail is also looking at accepting payment at the kiosk for non-energy bills, electricity bill instalments, arrears bills and arrears instalments as well as payments for third party bills in the next phase.

For further queries on Sarawak Energy’s services, customers are encouraged to contact Sarawak Energy’s Customer Care Centre at 1300-88-3111 or email

No Location Number of Units Go Live Date
1  Wisma SESCO 1 15/02/2017
2  Sibu Regional Office 2 20/03/2017
3  Pending Counter  1 03/03/2017
4  Sri Aman  1 31/03/2017
5  Miri Regional Office  2 07/04/2017
6  Sarikei 1 13/04/2017
7  Sibu Civic Centre  1 14/04/2017
8  Bintulu   2 18/04/2017
9  UTC Kuching  1 By July 2017
10  UTC Sibu 1 By July 2017
11  UTC Miri  1 By July 2017

Sarawak Energy Group CEO Sharbini Suhaili trying out the payment kiosk while (from right) Executive Vice President for Corporate Services Aisah Eden, SESCO CEO Lau Kim Swee, Group COO Lu Yew Hung and Vice President for Retail Yusri Safri look on. 

Sarawak Energy Group CEO Sharbini Suhaili and management with the working team. 

Sarawak Energy Group CEO Sharbini Suhaili cuts the ribbon on the newly installed kiosk to mark the initiative. 

Payment kiosk Machine at Wisma SESCO