Owners of Entertainment Outlets in Bintulu Found Stealing Electricity

KUCHING, 21ST June 2017, WEDNESDAY:  Sarawak Energy’s operations and retail arm, Syarikat SESCO Berhad (SESCO) together with Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU) inspectors from the Ministry of Utilities and the local police (PDRM) found evidence of power theft at a massage parlour and a pub located within the same building at Fortune Park, Bintulu recently.  The raid was conducted after a search warrant was granted from the Court to gain access to the premises for checking and seizing of evidence.

The raid was initiated after the business operator obstructed and refused SESCO’s meter inspection team access to the premises last month. Both entertainment outlets have a history of meter tampering and are in the company’s close monitoring list. Customers under this watch-list have their meters checked regularly.

“Our team discovered that the meter seals were disturbed and there were holes at the main front cover and voltage open circuit.  We replaced these tampered meters with smart meters.  This enables SESCO to monitor the customer’s consumption in real time from headquarters.  Any attempt to tamper with the meter will be detected immediately with swift action taken. Following the raid, all evidence of tampering was seized and a police report lodged for further investigation and prosecution,” said a SESCO spokesperson.

The two entertainment outlets are also categorised as ‘high-risk customers’, further to previous incidents when the business operator tried to influence the inspection teams.

SESCO would like to remind the public that stealing electricity is a crime, endangers lives and can cause damage to customers’ electrical appliances which could easily lead to fire. The company will continue to actively carry out meter inspections and investigations throughout the State with support from the Ministry and police to curb power theft. Members of the public are urged to report any power theft cases to SESCO via SESCO’s power theft hotline at 082-443535. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

SESCO meter inspection team checking the massage parlour’s meters witnessed by EIU & Police.

Police were present at site to ensure no disruption during the operation