Menara Sarawak Energy Retains Green Building Index Silver Rating

KUCHING, 20 JANUARY 2017, FRIDAY:  Sarawak Energy’s headquarters, Menara Sarawak Energy, has retained its green building index (GBI) silver rating as the architectural landmark continues to meet the verification assessment requirements on energy efficiency.

Menara Sarawak Energy was the first building in East Malaysia to be accredited the green building certification under the Non-Residential New Construction (NRNC) Category in 2013. The GBI certification has a validity period of three years. 

Commenting on the achievement, Aisah Eden, Sarawak Energy Executive Vice President of Corporate Services, said securing the green building certification demonstrates Sarawak Energy’s commitment towards incorporating sustainable practices at all levels of its operations. 

“We are pleased to have retained our silver rating and we hope to improve on it although it is not an easy task in terms of maintenance. Nevertheless, gaining approval for the certification's renewal only serves as a motivation for us to want to do more and we are also currently promoting the habit among our own staff. Externally, we are also spreading the word on energy efficiency and provide tips on how to do so at the office and home. 

“Not only does this optimise resources effectively, being energy efficient also means more savings at the end of the day and most importantly it makes us more responsible towards our environment,” she said.

An onsite verification assessment was also done in December last year by the GBI Accreditation Panel accompanied by GBI Accredited Facilitators and Commissioning Specialists. The rating tool used in the assessment evaluates sustainable aspects of the building and it encompasses six criteria namely energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, sustainable site planning and management, materials and resources, water efficiency and innovation.

Menara Sarawak Energy was completed in 2012 and from the start was designed in accordance with the requirements of the GBI of Malaysia for energy efficiency. The building’s passive architecture focuses on efficient usage of resources at the same time provide conducive work surrounding with minimal impact on health and environment. Energy consumption is reduced by optimising building orientation, solar heat gain, and natural lighting, as well as adopting best practices in building services.  

Menara Sarawak Energy

The renewed GBI certification