Immediate Aid For Fire Affected Students At Batang Ai From Sarawak Energy

KUCHING, 12th MAY 2017, FRIDAY: SK Skarok boarding students who were left without a place to sleep when a fire destroyed the boys dormitory earlier this week received quick aid from their neighbours Sarawak Energy.

Batang Ai’s Hydroelectric Plant Hydro team provided first response by helping the school’s caretakers secure the area and made sure the students were safe. Almost 20 students were offered accommodation at the power plant’s township hostel and provided with meals, new school uniforms, stationeries, and transportation to school.

Polycarp Wong, Sarawak Energy Vice President of Hydro said; “We are just relieved that everybody was safe, and no one was hurt by the fire. That was our top priority."

"We were also glad to be able to lend a helping hand to the school during this time of need and provide immediate aid to the students. Being neighbours to the school and the communities living nearby, it is important that we look out for one another especially during incidents like this."

From third left; Batang Ai HEP station manager Cheling Sapong, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health Officer Fabian Wilson Jana and Batang Ai Sports Club chairman Bonny Maratin Saba in a group photo with the school’s management, teachers and students after the presentation of aid.