Flood Delayed Supply Restoration To 3 Areas In Long Lama

Supply restored after 4 days of line patrol in the jungle

MARUDI, 25TH MAY 2017, THURSDAY: High floodwater levels due to heavy rainfall had delayed the works to restore power supply to around 60 rural households in Long Laput, Long Sg Dua and Sri Kanawant areas in Long Lama, located in the interior of Marudi since 20th May. Supply was safely restored yesterday at 5.30pm following a tripping on the Sg Kejin Line, caused by fallen tree branches.

Sarawak Energy's technical teams based in Marudi and Long Lama were immediately deployed to site after receiving the report. They patrolled the line under challenging condition, trying to locate the cause of the tripping and to restore supply.

Tan Joo Kok, Sarawak Energy’s Regional Manager for Northern Region said, "They have been patrolling the power lines in the jungle for the past four days. However, the continuing rain and high water level hampered the fault investigation works.

"The patrol route requires trekking through jungle and at times, wading through floodwaters 7 to 10 feet deep, to clear the lines from fallen branches and overgrowth. As the situation was quite challenging, it took some time for our team to locate the fault and safely restored supply to the affected area.

“Safety of our team is also a priority and we need to ensure that the condition on site permitted work to proceed. Fortunately we managed to clear the lines and supply was safely restored. We thank the people in the areas for their kind understanding."

The technical team treks through the jungle to patrol the overhead power lines.

The technical team treks through thick vegetation to patrol the overhead power lines.

Floodwater level hampers line patrol and fault investigation work.