Shop Operator Selling Marine Products Caught Stealing Electricity

KUCHING, WEDNESDAY, 6th APRIL 2016:  Following a tip-off from members of the public, a shop operator selling and supplying fish and other marine products was caught stealing electricity at his double-storey detached premise located at Rock Road here recently. 

The report on the power theft was made to SESCO Customer Care Centre last week and a meter inspection team was immediately dispatched to act on the report. During the inspection, the team found illegal direct tapping cable connected from SESCO cut-out fuse direct to the shop’s electrical distribution board (through the building’s concrete beam), bypassing SESCO's meter. 

The investigation also revealed that illegal cable was used to supply all the electrical appliances on the ground floor which includes more than 10 aquariums and tanks, water pumps and air conditioners. On top of that, the investigation team also discovered evidence of tampering on the meter. 

According to SESCO’s spokesperson, “Investigation on the account showed that the business only paying RM200 – RM300 per month for its electricity bill, which is unrealistic for the size of the premises and the number of high energy consumption appliances used. The appliances require constant 24 hours electricity supply daily to safeguard the marine life in the aquarium.” 

All relevant evidences were seized and a police report was also lodged by the Inspection team for further investigation and actions.

SESCO would like to thank the public for the increasing support in providing information on power theft.  Stealing electricity is a dangerous crime punishable under the Electricity Ordinance Section 33(5) which carries a penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine of RM 100,000 or both. 

SESCO will continue to work closely with the state’s Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU), the authorities and other agencies to curb power theft in Sarawak. Those with information on suspicious activities involving power theft are encouraged to contact SESCO’s power theft hotline 082-443535 or its Customer Care Centre at 1300 88 3111 or All information will be kept strictly confidential. 

Photo showing the illegal direct tapping cables found behind SESCO’s cut out

The illegal direct tapping cables connected through the building’s beam